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Demi Lovato Steps Out For The First Time Since Biological Father's Passing

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demi spotted father death

Demi Lovato was spotted for the first time since the passing of her biological father, Patrick Lovato.

The 20-year-old was seen walking through Los Angeles International airport on Wednesday, dressed in head to toe black and white, and looking very sad :(

Demi reached out to her 15 million Twitter followers after her father's end to thank them for the support!

Following the death, Demz opted out of a judges' promotional photoshoot for X Factor's upcoming season. Host Mario Lopez showed the singer some love with a tweet:

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Demi Lovato Breaks Silence After Her Father Passes Away

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demi lovato breaks silence after her dad dies

As we reported, news broke this weekend that Demi Lovato's dad Patrick Lovato passed away from cancer.

While, we don't know much details, we do know that a number of people rushed to Demi's support both on the internet and privately, including her X Factor boss and fellow judge who Simon Cowell tweeted this out to her:

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Demi Lovato's Biological Father Has Passed Away!

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demi lovato biological dad dead

Such sad, sad news!

We hate to report it, but it seems Demi Lovato's biological father, Patrick Lovato, has passed away.

We have very minimal details about the death, but her sister, Dallas Lovato, broke the news over Twitter.

She posted:

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Demi Lovato's Dad Urges Scorned Dancer Not To Sue

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demis dad patrick lovato warns dancer alex welch not to sue for fight

And we're urging him to stay silent. He's treading too deeply into Michael Lohan territory.

Yesterday, it was reported that Alex Welch, the backup dancer who was on the bad end of Demi Lovato's alleged meltdown before going to rehab, is planning to sue the singer for their physical altercation.

Seeing a cue to look fatherly, Demi's dad Patrick Lovato issued a warning to the girl through the press. He said:

"Demi has really good lawyers and so does Disney, this girl shouldn't sue. She won't win. Demi is so successful and and she has plenty of money, that's why this girl would be going after her. She wouldn't do this if Demi wasn't famous."

Ah, so innocent! He has so much to learn about fame whoring.

She isn't suing Demi to get her money, just like you're not talking to the press because you're a concerned father. It's all about the attention, pops!

And if we're wrong and you truly are looking out for your baby girl, the first step would be laying off the interviews. Demi doesn't need you to speak for her. As you said, she has really good lawyers.

Just be there for her in a non-publicized way. That would help her TONS.

[Image via WENN.]

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Demi's Dad Keeps Yapping!

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This man just needs to stop. Right now.

Patrick Lovato, Demi Lovato's father, is still talking to the press about her daughter's recent admittance to a rehab facility, and claims now that he spoke to her on the phone, and that she confirmed to him that the current rumor that her problems stemmed from the death of her friend/possible boyfriend David Osborn put her over the edge emotionally and mentally.

He says:

“Demi’s doing great, she’s such a strong girl. She told me she’s getting better. She was really heartbroken. She was really in love with the guy. Bless her heart. She’s always been an honest person, what can I say? All I’ve got here is my dog Daytona but I’ve offered to let Demi come and stay here any time she wants to.”

We think it's pretty foul that this guy is using something as difficult and emotionally trying as his daughter's emotional breakdown and subsequent stay in rehab to get press, and a part of us tends to doubt that he's actually spoken to her!

We really hope that he'll just leave her alone and not add any more complications to her life!

Poor thing. We're still thinking of you, bb.

[Image via WENN.]

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Demi's Dad Will NOT Be Silenced…Even By Death Threats!

demi lovatos father gets death threats

Demi Lovato's father has made it clear that he won't stop talking about his estranged daughter's issues, and as a result he's received death threats.

Patrick Lovato has found death threats, including one reading "you're dead", which was nailed to his fence.

Demi's dad also received a threatening phone call, which said the following:

"You're gonna die for what you did to her."

Here's what Demi's dad has to say about the threats:

"I don't care, let them come at me. I'm not responsible for where Demi is right now … I love my daughter."

While we're certainly not on Patrick Lovato's side, we REALLY don't think any of this warrants death threats. Violence is not the answer here…or ever for that matter!


[Image via WENN.]

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Demi's Dad Will NOT Be Silenced!

demi lovatos dad will not be silenced

Demi Lovato's mom and Disney lawyers will not keep Demi's dad from speaking out!

Here's what Patrick Lovato had to say about being told to keep quiet:

"This is the United States of America, I can talk anytime I want to."

Lovato made a point to clarify that he doesn't blame Disney specifically for Demi's issues, but rather the industry in general:

"I'm proud that she's working for Disney. I'm just concerned about the industry, not them [Disney] specifically because they have taken care of Demi. Shoot, they give her bodyguards. As far as I'm concerned she's in great hands with Disney."

"However, it's just the industry itself. When you chose to be a star like that it's not the people you're working for to blame. It's the whole industry… the pressures and the time element that you have to put forward. It's those types of things that go along with what you chose and you can't blame Disney for that."

Here's what Demi's dad had to say about his estrangement with his daughter:

"It hasn't been my choice. In the last couple of years I've been out of the loop, that's for sure. That's not only their choice but it was my choice too… as I never wanted to interfere with her career."

"I never wanted to stand in their way because we've been away from each other from quite some time, so I didn't want them to think that now that she's a star, I wanted to get back into her life."

"That's the reason, I didn't want to be in their lives, I didn't want them to think I was trying to scoot in and be part of the mix when I hadn't been part of the mix in a while."

Seems like you're NOT being very dadlike, Patrick. Maybe it's time to be quiet.

After 2 years of silence, do you really think your family is going to appreciate you going to the media to discuss Demi's issues?

Think about it!

What do U think? Should Patrick be quiet? Does he have the right to speak up?

[Image via WENN.]

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