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Donald Trump Wages War Against Republicans Of The Freedom Caucus — And Twitter Laughs At The Hypocrisy!

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How do you deal with a bunch of unruly conservatives going against your divisive agenda? You destroy them, obviously.

That's why Donald Trump waged war on the conservatives of the House Freedom Caucus on Thursday, suggesting his Republican minions should "fight them" if they fail to back his agenda.

The dispute began when the caucus members blocked Trump's Affordable Care Act replacement last Friday, causing POTUS to prematurely pull out (he hates doing that!) ahead of the house vote.

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But instead of working with the lawmakers who oppose him, Trump decided to cause more division within his own party and call on those blindly supporting him to fight against everyone who doesn't.

Taking to his favorite podium, Twitter, the President threatened opposing Republicans to quickly get with his program or face the wrath ofPaul Ryan, we guess? He shared:

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Paul Ryan Explains Why The Healthcare Bill Had To Be Pulled Ahead Of House Vote!

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Paul Ryan came up short, you guys.

On Friday, Donald Trump called for a House vote on the health bill, hoping there would be enough Republican support behind the half-baked replacement for Obamacare.

But things didn't go as planned during the floor debate, when House Speaker Ryan realized he didn't have enough congressional backers for his baby, the American Health Care Act.

Instead of crash and burn, Ryan told POTUS to pull the healthcare bill — and while he may have lost the battle, the Speaker made it clear he will not lose the war.

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After the dramatic pull out, Ryan spoke to press about the major failure and almost made us feel sorry for him with those sad doe eyes.

Ryan explained the House didn't have the "consensus" they needed to move the legislation forward and write the bill — which would have been a "favor" to the architects of the Affordable Care Act.

He clarified that the difference in opinion was not IF Obamacare should be replaced, but on

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Twitter Reacts To Donald Trump Pulling The Republican Healthcare Bill!

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Oh, blessed day!

As we reported, Donald Trump and Paul Ryan pulled the plug on the controversial Republican healthcare bill just moments before it was scheduled to be put to a vote on Friday. You know how The Donald hates to lose!

Back to the drawing board, Drumpster!

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Of course, Twitter had plenty to say about the breaking news — and we've gathered the best responses for you (below)!!

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This May Be The Most Important 18 Minutes You Spend All Week!

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Let's be honest. We aren't going to read the text of the American Health Care Act. No one is. The thing is MASSIVE! It looks like a civics textbook started mainlining HGH (and turned into a real asshole).

So how can we be sure Donald Trump's replacement for Obamacare is terrible?? Well, for one, it's from Paul Ryan and the being-poor-is-a-sin-against-god singers.

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But how SPECIFICALLY bad is it? You know, in case your Pro-Trump uncle asks?

Let John Oliver break it down for you — with a spoonful of laughter to help the medicine go down of course — on an all new Last Week Tonight segment (above)!

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Congressman Grounds Son For Dabbing During Painfully Awkward Photo-Op With House Speaker Paul Ryan — Watch!

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There's a time and a place for dabbing… and it's in the GOP's face!

We're sure Perezcious readers know all about the SUPER popular dance move of dabbing, but Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, as you might expect, has NO clue!

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On Tuesday, Kansas Republican Roger Marshall was getting a family portrait of his swearing-in ceremony with the Speaker when Marshall's son interrupted the moment to dab!

After the young man pulled off the move made popular by Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton, the recently re-elected Speaker told him:

"Do you want to put your hand down? Are you going to sneeze?"


After Ryan forcibly made the young man lower his arm for a more professional pic, Roger took to Twitter to share the news of his son's punishment, writing:

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ICYMI: Trevor Noah Sears Donald Trump For Telling The Truth, AKA Gloating About His Blatant Lies! Watch!

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Only in Donald Trump's world can something be as funny as it is incredibly disturbing.

On Wednesday night, Daily Show host Trevor Noah called out Drumpf for his pride and gloating about his endless lies. Apparently Trump has no qualms about exposing his moral bankruptcy now that he's won the election.

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According to Noah, what we're seeing now is a version of the president-elect known as "Truth Trump", in which the failed businessman is honest about his lies.

In an amazing assessment, Trevor goes on to point out how the 70-year-old is openly admitting to backtracking on his promises, like his bogus plan to lock up Hillary Clinton for the Benghazi emails.

At a recent rally, Trump said of the "lock her up" lie:

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Donald Trump & His Top GOP Allies Defend His Dishonest Tweets — See Their Very Different Excuses…

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Donald Trump has always had the Twitter behavior of a 14-year-old reality star, and many are disheartened his social media activity hasn't become more presidential in the weeks following his election win.

Of course, not everyone thinks the Presidential-elect's Twitter tantrums — which often include outlandish, erroneous statements — are a bad thing.

Specifically, outgoing Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus, who defended Trump on Sunday over his recent tweet claiming that "millions" of people had voted illegally for Hillary Clinton during the general election.

Photo: Trump Attends 'Villains & Heroes' Costume Party Dressed As Himself

Face the Nation host John Dickerson challenged Priebus on the unsubstantiated claim, asking how Trump's Chief of Staff can handle statements "when you know that that's not true."

In response, Priebus said

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