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The LA KISS Arena Football Team's Jerseys Are Here And They're A HOT Mess!

la kiss unveil ugly new uniforms

The world of sports and the world of fashion don't intersect very often, and this is pretty much the reason why!!

KISS rockers Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are officially owners of their very own arena football team, the LA Kiss, and with the season just days away they decided to unveil their jerseys, and boy are they somethin' else!

The design is pretty simple: Fire, fire and MORE FIRE!!

We know that athletes aren't exactly known for their taste in fashion, but these things have to be some of the worst jerseys we've ever seen!

What do U think readers?

What Do You Think Of The LA Kiss Uniforms?

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What Do You Think Of The LA Kiss Uniforms?

  • KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! (28%)
  • Awful! (38%)
  • They could use more flames… (8%)
  • Awesome!!! (26%)

Total Votes: 65

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[Image via Twitter.]

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KISS Performs Rock And Roll All Nite On Dancing With The Stars

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When we think of ballroom dancing, KISS usually doesn't come to mind, but ABC's Dancing With The Stars welcomed Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley on the stage to rock the house anyway.

The legendary band kicked off the reality competition's "Rock Week" on Monday night with a killer performance of Rock and Roll All Nite. Dancers with the band's signature black and white face paint hit the floor running, while the judges had no choice but to give the performance 11s across the board.

Want to see how they did? Ch-ch-check it out (above)!

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KISS' Paul Stanley Gets Vocal Cord Surgery

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Paul Stanley Vocal Cord Surgery

Paul Stanley, the front man for Kiss, has undergone vocal cord surgery and we hope he's doing okay!

That'd be one huge voice to lose for the music industry!

The procedure WAS successful for recurring vocal cord issues. Nothing really out of the ordinary, and in fact he said it was normal issues that "come with 40 years of preaching rock 'n' roll."


"I hold myself to a higher standard than others do. With that in mind, I wanted to remedy a few minor issues that come with 40 years of preaching rock 'n' roll."

We hope you feel better soon, Stanley! Rock and Roll needs you!

We need you!

The world needs you to rock!

[Image via WENN.]

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KISS Member Paul Stanley Is A Father For The Fourth Time!

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kiss member paul stanley is a father again

Congratulations, Paul!

At 59-years-old, KISS member Paul Stanley and wife Erin have welcomed their new baby daughter Emily Grace into the world!

Here's what Paul had to say about his new daughter:

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Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley To Collaborate On KISS Memoir

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It's probably about time.

KISS members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are collaborating on a memoir that will detail the band's early years, between 1973-1975.

The memoir Nothin' To Lose will also be written along with rock journalist Ken Sharp and will go through the band's experience through the release of their breakout album Alive! that included their hit Rock and Roll All Night.

The book will also feature interviews with bandmates Peter Criss and Ace Frehl as well as other rockers from the '70s era.

IT Books Editor Denise Oswald spoke about the book's release:

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Did Paul Stanley Get Some Work Done??

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Paul Stanley of KISS was present at the House Ear Institute and Sound Rules 'It's How You Listen That Counts' event last night at the DGA Theater in New York City last night, and we couldn't help but notice that the rocker's face was a little more…'fresh' than usual, or so it seemed!

Check out a comparison with another pic from 2009 (above) and then the gallery (below)!

Hmm…we could just be thrown because we're not used to seeing him without the KISS make-up on, but we're pretty sure someone took a little to the Botox fairy! Those eye brows look pretty arched, buddy!

LOLz! Either way, we think he still looks GREAT for his age, so whatever makes him feel better!

What do U think?? Did Paul get some work done?

[Images via WENN.]

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Paul Stanley at the House Ear Institute and Sound Rules 'It's How You Listen That Counts' Event

KISS Makes Kondom Debut

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Kiss Kondoms

And these guys know a thing or two about condoms. At least, we HOPE they do.

The rock brand band KISS will be the first famous faces to be featured on a new line of condoms which put pictures on the latex itself.

Graphic Armor Inc.'s new FDA-approved Picture Condoms, which claim to be the first to feature full-color images on the latex, will feature the famous tongue of Gene Simmons unfurled, while a Paul Stanley special is coming in June.

While these KISS Kondoms may give some an extra lick of pleasure, they definitely will not be as pleasing on your wallet as a 3 pack is priced at $7.99!

The creators are in talks with entertainment companies, energy drinks and designers to put logos and messages on the condoms, but is it really worth it?

After all, no one buys these things to stare at them.

[Image via Graphic Armor, Inc..]

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