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Listen To This: Our New Anthem!!!!

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We are loving this song from Kat Graham!

Not only can the Vampire Diaries star act AND dance - she was just cast as the lead in Honey 2 - but she's also a singer! And, apparently, wrote her debut single, Sassy, too - which we LOVE!!!!

Sassy is the perfect song for summer! It's fun! You can dance to it! And it's empowering!

It reminds us of old-school Janet Jackson!

Unlike other efforts from certain CW actresses (Leighton Meester, Taylor Momsen), we can actually hear this song getting played on the radio - and being a hit!

Check out Sassy (below). And then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Kat Graham!

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Dancing Craze On TV!

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Here comes ANOTHER one!!

Following in the footsteps of Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and America's Got Talent, CBS is planning to bring the UK hit series Got To Dance to American audiences!!

The series follows the standard reality competition formula - contestants compete in all genres of dance for a panel of judges, and viewers get to vote who stays on each week.

The network is also attempting to court our beloved Paula AbDROOL as a judge, and we think she's actually suited for this one!!

Girlfriend knows how to move!!

What do U think?? Will U watch another dance competition??

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