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Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry's Bitter Battle: Daughter Being Used As 'Pawn?'


As we've said all along… the true victim of Halle Berry and her ex Gabriel Aubry's nasty warring is their darling daughter Nahla!

Obviously you know by now that Halle's fiancé Olivier Martinez smashed Gabriel's face up during Thanksgiving, but the saddest part of the whole ordeal is that Nahla is getting

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Crystal Harris Tries To Hock Hef's Engagement Ring!

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If you call off the wedding, shouldn't you have to give the ring back? Aren't there rules for this kind of stuff? Where's Countess LuAnn when you need her??

Anyway, Runaway Bride Crystal Harris was reportedly spotted at a jewelry store in San Diego on Friday trying to pawn the 3-carat diamond engagement ring Hef gave her.

Before offering her a price, the jewelry store wanted to see the ring's official documents, but Crystal didn't have them.

An eyewitness says:

"Crystal wanted to see what it was worth. She didn’t have any papers with her. She said she doesn’t know what she wants to do with it so she was checking out the value of her ring."

The ring is said to be worth about $90,000.

Shady! She is making it more and more obvious that this whole engagement was for money and/or publicity! She should give the ring back, dontcha think??

[Image via WENN.]

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Brooke Hocked That Junk "For A Friend"

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Okay, explanation time.

So this morning, we reported that Brooke Mueller was caught trying to get some cash for some high ticket items at a pawn shop in Inglewood, CA. From the surveillance video, Brooke seemed a bit jumpy and there was speculation that she was selling some of Charlie Sheen's old stuff for drug money. However, since the story broke, Brooke's mother, Moira Fiore, has come forward to explain just exactly what her daughter was doing.

According to Moira, Brooke's trip to the pawn shop was to sell a few things for a friend in need, Moira knew exactly where Brooke was and what she was doing and insisted she didn't know anything about her daughter using.

Um, why wasn't her friend with her at the store? We can understand going for moral support - but this seems a bit much to believe. Also, why was she so jumpy? It's not so much the fact that she is in a pawn shop that has us concerned, as is her behavior in the store. Besides, sometimes a mother will say just about anything to protect their child.

We just hope she is doing right by Brooke with this claim.

[Image via WENN.]

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Uh-Oh! Brooke Mueller Raising Major Red Flags About Relapse!

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Dear Lord we hope not. Things have finally started to settle down for those kids of hers and it would be really nice if they had at least one parent who's of sound mind. Since there is no chance of that being their father, Charlie Sheen

Yesterday, Brooke Mueller was spotted in a pawn shop in Inglewood, CA, attempting to sell an expensive men's watch and a stereo. Our first thought was, "Ha! Charlie forgot his watch…Eh, never mind. He probably has 50 more."

Our second thought was, "Hmm. Isn't she getting like a multi-million dollar divorce settlement? Why is she hocking this crap?"

Then, we saw the surveillance camera footage from the store and it became clear that something was, shall we say, off about her. In the video, Brooke can't stay still for a second. Fidgety and on edge, she looks like she is dying for something - perhaps a fix? We hate to think it, but perhaps Brooke was selling these items in order to get a little side cash to fund a trip to the "pharmacy," if you catch our drift.

An employee at the show confirmed that Brooke was very anxious while in the store and added that a transaction wasn't made because Brooke wasn't carrying valid ID. A separate source reveals that while she was trying to hock Charlie's crap, her twins were with her mother.

Not good, Brooke. We're starting to get concerned. Have you fallen off the wagon? If so, get help sooner rather than later, for your kids sake, at least. If you lose custody of them to Charlie, we don't know if you'll ever manage to get them back again.

[Image via WENN.]

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Did The Bling Ring Pawn Off Paris' Missing Jewelry?


Well, that's long gone!

We reported earlier that Paris Hilton was being sued by an insurance company for allegedly not returning $60,000 in jewelry she had borrowed from Damiani Jewelers back in 2007, which was then stolen by the Bling Ring. The company seems to think that authorities recovered the pieces and returned them to the heiress, who then still held onto them.

However, Paris recently opened up about the legal issue, and claimed that the Bling Ring actually pawned a lot of the real items off!

She explained:

"[The Burglar Bunch] pawned everything that was real…they only gave me back the costume stuff."

Wow. If that's the case, then shiz, she's effed!

But we imagine that there are some pretty happy folks running around with some super expensive jewelry that they bought on for next to nothing! See? There's an upside to everything!


[Image via WENN.]

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Michael Lohan Sr. Calls Michael Lohan Jr. A "Pawn"


No one every really hears much from Michael Lohan Jr. He pretty much keeps to himself, keeps out of his parent's and LiLo's craziness.

But this past week, we finally heard from junior, who spoke out against so-called "enablers" and "leeches" that have made his sister's life that more difficult!

Enter the biggest leech of them all, his father, Michael Lohan Sr., who is once again seizing the opportunity to lash out at his ex-wife Dina Lohan, this time through a different spawn of their evil!

Papa Lohan is calling into question the sincerity of his son's remarks. He believes that Junior is only "pawn" and mouthpiece being used by Dina to spread her "BS" about LiLo. Michael explains:

"Being that Dina has been gagged due to her constant lies to the press, media, public, courts and people in general, she is using a normally quiet and innocent person as her mouthpiece. First, to spread her BS, and second as her new pawn…While my wonderful son studied as a straight-A business major in college — and I got him offers from two Wall Street firms — Dina now has been pitching a movie she is 'producing' with Michael as the starring role. Michael is the best person Dina has in her corner and she is even using him. Her own son! And it goes deeper! How sick is this."

Pretty effing sick! Do any of the Lohan children have anyone to rely on for parental guidance?! Anyone?

First, let's state the obvious here! Michael, you don't have enough connections to get him into a screening of Wall Street, must less a job at a firm and the likelihood of Dina getting Junior to be in a movie is as much as Aliana and her eyebrows having a #1 single. Ain't never going to happen.

We want to believe that despite her insane parents, Lindsay has a solid supporter in her brother. Call us crazy, but we think he might not have been passed down the insanity gene. (Maybe he's the milkman's an agents kid?)

[Image via WENN & Ramey Pix.]

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