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Jennifer Lawrence's Makin' Mad Money For Catching Fire!


Ooo girl, be careful your wallet doesn't catch on fire from all that red hot cash-money!

Everyone's FAVORITE fantasy-franchise actress that DIDN'T cheat on her boyfriend (sorry Kristen Stewart!) is currently negotiating a mega pay-surge for the Hunger Games' second film installment, the Francis Lawrence directed Catching Fire

And Jennifer Lawrence is hoping to bring her paltry Hunger Games paycheck of $500,000 to around $10 million! DAYUM that's a cornucopia-full of Benjamins!

But seeing as

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Mariah Carey ThisClose To Becoming American Idol's Sassy New Judge!

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mariah carey american idol judge

Well! Well! Well!

Sounds like Mariah Carey won't be too expensive after all!

According to strong reports, Butterfly is just a hop and a skip away from signing the final dotted line into American Idol's judging seat.

And guess how much she'll demand on her paycheck??

She's going to make a record-breaking

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So Who Is Over - AND UNDER - Paid In Hollywood?!


Uh-oh! Some of these folks are NOT going to appreciate hearing this!

A new report has calculated the amount of money various TV personalities are paid per viewer - by dividing their annual income by the average number of people tuning into them. And we don't know about you, but we were VERY surprised by some of the results!

For example, Keith Olbermann was the worst offender, as

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Tom Cruise Is King Of Scientology Paychecks!


Yo, maybe Scientology DOES really provide spiritual fulfillment … in the form of cold hard cash!

Regardless of the family turmoil Tom Cruise is currently engaged in, the man tops Forbes’ list of Hollywood’s Highest paid actors, earning $75 million between May 2011 and May 2012.

DAYUM, Tommy C.!

Now, this of course could play a defining role in Katie Holmes and Tom’s divorce, especially as Katie has filed in New York which has different regulations in terms of child support, custody, annual income, etc than California.

Technically, in the state of NY, parents of the child in question pay 17% of the couple’s total income in the way of child support…

BUT there is a cap at $400,000, so it’s highly unlikely Katie would get $9 million, and it’s not like Katie needs the $$$ anyway.

Tom’s gynormous paycheck

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Rose Byrne And Owen Wilson Do It In The Internship

Rose Byrne boss

Comedy misses you, Rose Byrne!

The actress who played a HIGHlarioos B-word in Bridesmaids and a very serious lady in Damages is coming back to the big screen to make us laugh. (We're sure the paycheck has something to do with it too!)

The sexy starlet is in talks to play opposite Owen Wilson in the new Vince Vaughn buddy flick, The Internship.

Our sources say if she takes the part:

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E.R. Star Getting Screwed By Her Ex-Hubby!


Troubled times for E.R. star Parminder Nagra!

Not only did her successful show go off the air three years ago, but now soon-to-be ex-husband James Stenson is suing her for some of that sweet TV doctor ca$h.

During her heyday, she was making really good NBC money. But things soured when the show went off the air in 2009. Not only did the two break up, but James started to get greedy and wanted a piece of the pie.

He claims because the two of them were

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How Much Does It Pay To Be The Real Housewives?

Real Housewives salaries

We all know that the cast of The Jersey Shore cleans up every season, but what about America's second favorite reality television franchise?

In theory, the Real Housewives on the hit Bravo series should already be rich, but they're still making a pretty penny for sinking their claws into each other every season.

Sources have revealed how much cast members from various installments make every year and some of the numbers on those paychecks are HUGE!

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