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Leo Makes Bank From Inception!


Serious bank!

Leonardo DiCaprio will make at least $50 million from his film Inception, simply for agreeing to take a paycut before starting the film and having the rest of his salary come off the top of ticket sales.

Inception is expected to make $750 million by the time it's completed its box office run and that's not counting potential DVD and television sales.

Smart move, Leo!

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Diddy Still Hungry For Idol

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Well he's not as good of a choice as us, but still not bad!

Diddy has offered to take a five percent paycut on Simon Cowell's American Idol salary if he's offered the job!

He reveals:

"As a matter of fact I have a new negotiation, I would take a five per cent cut on what he was getting. He was on something like $34 million, and that's peanuts."

But WE would work for FREE!

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Heidi Fires Her Psychic Manager!!


If he were that good at his profession, he would have seen this coming!!

The Real Heidi Doll must have wiped the silicone out of her eyes and realized that her decision to hire psychic Aiden Chase as her manager was the stoopidest thing she's done this week, so she fired him faster than you can say "publicity stunt!"

Sources claim that during his 13 hour stint representing Heidi, Chase was prowling around the set of The Hills, harrassing Montag for a chunk of her paycheck from the reality show and offering his services to Ceiling Eyes!!

Says the source:

"He's this creepy older guy who is clearly preying on these young girls. It's awful. The guy thinks he's famous now — it's ridiculous. He's referring to himself as the most famous psychic in the world."

Although we think it would be HIGHlarious to have seen what kind of other crazy shiz this guy would have pulled in the limelight, we're glad she had enough sense to kick his ass to the curb!

Have fun peddling your BS for $10 a pop in the Valley.

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