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LiLo Pays Her Stereo Bill!


Guess she finally decided to avoid the courtroom for once in her life! FINALLY!

Lindsay Lohan has been in a war of words with a man who was planning to sue the hard-pAArtying actress for failing to pay him $1,100 for installing a stereo system in her Venice pad, and even went as far as to accuse her of being a "born druggie," but apparently everything has resolved itself, because he's now changing his tune SIGNIFICANTLY!

According to Stephen Clark:

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Brit Brit's Dad Wants To Get PAID!


But don't worry! He's willing to take one HELL of a discount!

Britney Spears' father, Jamie, has reportedly filed legal documents with the judge in the pop star's conservatorship, requesting that he receive payment for directing and managing the logistics of her upcoming Femme Fatale tour!

Although the amount is specified, it's somewhere in the hundreds of thousands of dollah dollah bills, which is CONSIDERABLY cheaper than what the five people who had his role during the Circus tour, which were all in the seven figure range!

Wow! Looks like they've managed to save some serious moolah!

Definitely sounds like a win/win scenario for everyone!

Can't see why this request would be an issue!

Hope it works out, guys!

And best of luck on the Femme Fatale tour kick-off tonight!

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MORE Chezza/X Factor Drama!


We had a feeling that this was going to get ugly.

Although many assumed that Cheryl Cole would immediately return to England after her abrupt firing as a judge on the US version of The X Factor, she and the show's producers are apparently in a nasty stand-off - because they don't want to pay her for her position, despite her moving across the world and even buying a home here in El Lay!

A source with the production company, Freemantle, has flat-out denied that the singer's been fired, and in order to avoid breaching her contract, they've made arrangements for her to meet with the U.S. consulate in London to apply for a visa.

Meanwhile, sources in Cheryl's camp claim that she plans to do just that, because she intends to be compensated “as a matter of principle. … She moved her whole life to Los Angeles. He [Simon Cowell] thinks he can move people around like chess pieces.”

We can't say we blame her! We wouldn't want to have moved to a foreign country with the expectations of a job, only to be told that it wasn't working out and we weren't going to get paid!

Shady shady shady!

Here's hoping that they can reach some sort of amicable resolution, though at this point we seriously doubt that's going to happen!

What do U think?? Should Chezza get paid/remain on the judges panel??

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Charlie Sheen Thinks He's Responsible For Getting The Men Crew Paid!

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Charlie Sheen's hurricane of tiger-blooded delusion is showing no signs of slowing down, and although it's already been confirmed that the crew is being compensated for four of the cancelled episodes of Two and a Half Men, he is not only taking responsibility for allegedly making this happen on their behalf, but expects Warner Bros. to pay them for the full eight!

After claiming that four episodes is a "start" and congratulating himself for his 'efforts' "paying off," he said:

"I won't sleep until I get all eight. I don't care about me right now. I'm on a mission right now. It's an operation right now to right some terrible wrongs."

However, according to studio spokesman, Paul McGuire, Sheen's nonstop odes to drug and ego-induced instability efforts had ZERO effect on the decision to pay the crew, and simply says:


Yeah. He has no idea what's going on.

However, as much as we can't believe that we're saying this, we DO agree that the crew needs to be compensated for ALL of the missed episodes.

And if Charlie truly doesn't care about himself right now, like he's claiming, and the studio won't make the payday happen, then HE needs to pay them all - out of pocket!

But that would just be too logical, right?

Yeah. That's what we thought.

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The Two And A Half Men Crew Is NOT Happy With Charlie Sheen.

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Of course! He goes around and does whatever the eff he wants, and the people with whom he works end up suffering the consequences!

Now that Charlie Sheen is bumping lines and watching porn at home in 'rehab,' many of the crew members of his hit show, Two and a Half Men, are pretty rightfully pissed off - because they don't get paid while the series is on hiatus!

A source reveals:

"We are really pissed. A lot of us do not get paid if we don't work. So, if he's off getting rehabbed, or porn-o-ing, or whatever, we're screwed."

Personally, we think that Charlie should be paying the crew OUT OF POCKET while the show is on hiatus.

He can certainly afford it, seeing how much he makes per episode, and that might be a more considerate means to spend his money instead of blowing it on, well…blow and getting blown!

Such an unbelievable shame. We have no idea how the crew of that show has put up with his bull shit for so long.


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Starbucks Now Accepts Payments Via Mobile Phone

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starbucks accepting payments by mobile phone

Yet another reason to make sure you don't lose those iPhones!

In a totally futurrific move by Starbucks, the coffee company is now accepting payments via mobile phones throughout the U.S.

It works like this: there will be scanners at checkout, which will sync up with credit card/paypal-linked apps that are compatible with iPhones, Blackberrys, and the iPod touch.

According to testing reports from Starbucks, this new payment option is the fastest way for customers to pay for their no-foam low-fat grande caramel macchiatos coffee.

Pretty crazy stuff! Now, when are they going to introduce those video waiters from Back to the Future Part II???

Will U pay for coffee with your mobile phone?

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Charlie Never Paid His Porn Star!


Ah-ha! It's all starting to make sense now!

Capri Anderson AKA Christina Walsh, the woman with Charlie Sheen during his latest meltdown, is reportedly ready to fly to Aspen and inform authorities that the actor violated his probation during that fateful night at the Plaza, and she has good reason to - he NEVER paid her!

A source reveals:

“Charlie had never met Christina until that night. He ordered her from a ‘service.' Christina was supposed to be paid $12,000. And by the time the crazy night was over, she never got paid because Charlie flipped out. She was furious and now she’s doing everything she can to make money off that night. She has someone in Los Angeles who handles her ‘calls.' She’s more than a porn star. And the price for the evening was $12,000. She told Charlie, ‘I’m not doing anything until I get my money first.' And then after they did more cocaine Charlie wanted to have sex and she demanded money. He couldn’t find his wallet and flipped out. He thought she stole it, but his assistant, who was down the hall had it. That’s when Charlie flipped out and Christina fled into the bathroom and locked the door. He was pounding on it and that led to the series of phone calls with the police showing up. Now she’s furious because he still NEVER paid her! And she’s determined to get her money one way or the other, so she’s shopping her story. Saying she’ll go to the district attorney makes her story more valuable she thinks and puts pressure on Charlie.”


Hell hath no fury like a call-girl unpaid scorned!

Looks like Charlie's going to have quite a mess on his hands if she follows through with her plan!

What do U think?? Is Charlie Sheen's luck about to run out??

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