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Pee-Wee's Playhouse Might Return To TV!

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Paul Reubens knows you are, but what is he? Well, easy question, he's Pee-wee Herman of course! But Paul also knows something that you might not know.

In a recent interview, Paul mentioned that the 15-time Emmy award winning kid's show, Pee-wee's Playhouse, might in fact get a reboot, which could potentially be an update on the Playhouse, although it could be something completely new, too!

We just hope characters like Chairry, Pterri, and Jambi, make a comeback as well. And Pee-wee's a-dork-able laugh! Heh heh!

Pee-wee himself wouldn't offer any more sweet deets regarding the show, but said that it will "likely happen next year."

Next year really can't come soon enough because we miss that red bow tie!

[Image via Ivan NikolovWENN.]

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A Quick Pee-Wee Herman Movie Update From Pee-Wee!

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We love us some Pee-Wee Herman!

Check out this short facebook video update from the man, the myth, the legend himself about his upcoming Judd Apatow produced movie!

We're happy and all about knowing it'll be shooting in the next few months — but how about some juicy deets?? What's the title? Who else is in it? Who's directing it?

What's the word of the day???


Let us know! Are U excited for a new Pee-Wee adventure??

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Pee Wee And Jake G Promote Each Other!

How cute is this??

As far as promotions go, this is such an adorable and clever way to do it!

Watch the videos above to see Pee-Wee help promotes Jake Gyllenhaal's Source Code, and then Jake turn around and help promote Pee-Wee's Broadway show!

In the first video, Jake's deadpan "that's right" cracks us up every time!

Don't U think promotions like these should happen more often??

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