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Seriously? Black Friday Shopper Uses Pepper Spray!

black friday

Now, before we get into this, we don't want to generalize the whole of Black Friday shoppers due to the actions of the crazy minority. But…

That being said, Black Friday is a setting some MAJOR shenanigans! A shopper used pepper spray to get their goods in a Los Angeles Wal-Mart late Thursday night.

The crowds looked like that of a music festival so most people didn't even realize what was going on until

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Pregnant Woman Miscarries After Being Hit With Pepper Spray By Police

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Has it really come to this?

This is so incredibly tragic…

Jennifer Fox, a pregnant woman, who was at the Occupy Seattle encampment, was hit with pepper spray and kicked in the stomach by Seattle police during Tuesday's protest.

The woman tragically miscarried after the incident.

She is now speaking out about what happened:

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Pepper-Spraying Campus Police Placed On Leave

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Thankfully, something is being done.

Yesterday, we showed you the disturbing and SHOCKING video (above) of police pepper spraying non-violent protestors at the Occupy movement on the UC Davis campus.

UC Davis Chanceloor Linda Katehi said she shared the "outrage" of students and was "deeply saddened" by the actions of the police.

She added:

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So Unbelievably Horrible And Wrong: Police Officer Pepper-Sprays Non-Violent Occupy UC Davis Protestors.

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We can't even begin to tell how absolutely disgusting and infuriating it is to see this kind of flagrant abuse of power.

Watch this truly disturbing video (above) from University of California Davis yesterday, which features police not only tearing down the tents of students partaking in the Occupy movement, but also Police Lt. John Pike walking down a line of students seated on the ground in an act of NONVIOLENT civil disobedience and - we can't even believe this actually happened - SPRAYING THEM DIRECTLY IN THE FACE WITH PEPPER SPRAY, which left at least one woman hospitalized with chemical burns.


There's no other way to describe this as anything other than police brutality.

And our country is far worse off than we could have ever imagined if this sort of behavior is allowed and ENCOURAGED by our government.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those young people who bravely and unrelentingly faced this abuse, and everyone who stood by, documented it, and said what we wish we had been there to say ourselves:


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School Cops Use Pepper Spraying To Break Up Fights Between Kids

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This is one of those "double-edged swords" kind of deals. We can see why it's wrong; we can see how it's right.

A school in Norwalk, VA is reporting that in the last year, school security has had to use pepper spray on its students in fights six times. Controversy is spreading throughout the area as parents, school officials and concerned citizens are wondering if this is the appropriate means of intervention when trying to break up a student feud.

This past Wednesday, the school security team used pepper spray on a student who not only attacked another youth, but also came after one of the officers. According to the cop, he had "warned the student multiple times that the spray would have to be used unless the aggression stopped." When it didn't, the official had no other choice.

Guards at both the local high school and middle school are equipped with the spray, known as oleoresin capsicum, but as of this week, the town has gotten together to discuss whether it is really necessary. During the meeting, it was revealed that security officers had used pepper spray a whooping 17 times in the 2009-10 school year, which sent most of the school's parents into a frenzy. City Councilman Paul Riddick, whose son is a student at the high school, sided with the parents who wanted the spray to be pulled from the schools, saying:

"For some reason, it has just come to the public's attention. I think I would have been concerned had I known that in a previous year we had 17 incidents."

Playing devils advocate, a fellow parent of a high school student, Sharon Goretsky, commented:

"I truly believe that is the safest way for security to control the situation many times. [Some unruly students are] out of control and obviously have no respect for authority. They are a danger to all those around."

Good points on both sides, we think. How do we keep kids safe, even from one another?

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