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So Unbelievably Horrible And Wrong: Police Officer Pepper-Sprays Non-Violent Occupy UC Davis Protestors.

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We can't even begin to tell how absolutely disgusting and infuriating it is to see this kind of flagrant abuse of power.

Watch this truly disturbing video (above) from University of California Davis yesterday, which features police not only tearing down the tents of students partaking in the Occupy movement, but also Police Lt. John Pike walking down a line of students seated on the ground in an act of NONVIOLENT civil disobedience and - we can't even believe this actually happened - SPRAYING THEM DIRECTLY IN THE FACE WITH PEPPER SPRAY, which left at least one woman hospitalized with chemical burns.


There's no other way to describe this as anything other than police brutality.

And our country is far worse off than we could have ever imagined if this sort of behavior is allowed and ENCOURAGED by our government.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those young people who bravely and unrelentingly faced this abuse, and everyone who stood by, documented it, and said what we wish we had been there to say ourselves:


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School Cops Use Pepper Spraying To Break Up Fights Between Kids

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This is one of those "double-edged swords" kind of deals. We can see why it's wrong; we can see how it's right.

A school in Norwalk, VA is reporting that in the last year, school security has had to use pepper spray on its students in fights six times. Controversy is spreading throughout the area as parents, school officials and concerned citizens are wondering if this is the appropriate means of intervention when trying to break up a student feud.

This past Wednesday, the school security team used pepper spray on a student who not only attacked another youth, but also came after one of the officers. According to the cop, he had "warned the student multiple times that the spray would have to be used unless the aggression stopped." When it didn't, the official had no other choice.

Guards at both the local high school and middle school are equipped with the spray, known as oleoresin capsicum, but as of this week, the town has gotten together to discuss whether it is really necessary. During the meeting, it was revealed that security officers had used pepper spray a whooping 17 times in the 2009-10 school year, which sent most of the school's parents into a frenzy. City Councilman Paul Riddick, whose son is a student at the high school, sided with the parents who wanted the spray to be pulled from the schools, saying:

"For some reason, it has just come to the public's attention. I think I would have been concerned had I known that in a previous year we had 17 incidents."

Playing devils advocate, a fellow parent of a high school student, Sharon Goretsky, commented:

"I truly believe that is the safest way for security to control the situation many times. [Some unruly students are] out of control and obviously have no respect for authority. They are a danger to all those around."

Good points on both sides, we think. How do we keep kids safe, even from one another?

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Cops Pepper Spray Polynesian Dancers After High School Football Game

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Overreact much?

Police in the small Utah town of Roosevelt pepper sprayed a group of Polynesian men and boys performing a traditional Haka dance after a high school football game!

The dance group was in town to watch a relative play his final game with the home team, who lost and finished their season without a single win.

The Haka was reportedly performed to boost the morale as the team left the field, but cops were pissed because the dancers were blocking an exit.

When the dancers continued to perform despite orders from two officers to move away from the exit, the cops decided the next course of appropriate action was to punish them all with pepper spray!

This came AFTER spectators, coaches and players told police that everything was fine and the men could continue.

A bystander at the incident

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Giant Kangaroo Attacks 94-year-old Woman

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Poor Things!

A large, rogue red kangaroo has attacked a 94-year-old woman in her garden in Queensland, Australia.

Police had to use pepper spray to overpower an aggressive kangaroo!

The elderly woman told reporters she thought she was going to die as the "red roo," which can jump more than nine meters in one leap, knocked her to the ground and kicked her several times.

Big Reds are one of Australia's largest kangaroo species and males can weigh more than 80kg and stand more than 4'9” tall.

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Cop Pepper Sprays A Baby Squirrel

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Your Reaction?

What is going on with this world??

Watch the video above to see a poor baby squirrel mercilessly pepper sprayed by an officer of the law!

The poor little thing is just writhing in pain!

Apparently the cop thought it was rabid, and it was his duty to keep it from the kids of the school.

Yeah right, and that was the best way to deal with it?

How's about you tell the kids to go inside, and then you deal with it in a less barbaric manner? Maybe trap it in something until animal control arrives?

Not only was the squirrel hurt, but we doubt any of those kids will forget that.

The incident happened at Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite, Texas.

Terrible. He should be punished.

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Pamela Anderson's Stalker Arrested After Trying To Board Her Train

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So terrifying!

Pamela Anderson was caught crying after an alleged stalker was arrested for trying to board her train.

The blonde bombshell was headed back to London Euston after just finishing her last performance in Aladdin at Liverpool's Empire Theater when the 21-year-old stalker tried to jump the train!!


Pam was moved down by her people before police jumped the train, where witnesses say they held the man down and sprayed him with pepper spray before dragging him off the train.

The man had been previously warned to stay away from her.


We're so glad Pam is safe and they were able to catch the guy before he was able to get to her!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jack Hanna Fights A Bear With Pepper Spray


The man is nothing if not resourceful in his advanced age.

Let's say you are walking through the woods. You're not Sarah Palin, so you're not carrying a gun for the hell of it and you're not Mel Gibson, so you're not looking for a cave to crawl into and die. You're just a normal person, walking in the woods.

And then a bear walks right up to you, snarls and reaches up to rip your face off. What do you do?

Lucky for you, Jungle Jack Hanna has the answer.

You see, the famous zookeeper and lover of khaki, found himseld face-to-face with a grizzly cub over the weekend. The animal charged at Jack, his wife and the group of hikers they were with at Montana's Glacier National Park.

How did he save everyone, including himself, from becoming shreds of flesh under the baby bears claws? Two words: Pepper spray!

Jack sprayed the cub in the eyes and then ran like hell! And it totally worked! Crisis averted! Bear disabled!

Phew! Glad we know how to handle that situation the next time Sexy Sarah invites us to go out for a hunt!

[Image via WENN.]

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