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Stephen King's New Show Sends Elementary School Into PANIC After Fake Gunshots Go Off!

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under the dome shooting

Stephen King may be known best for his truly terrifying stories, but something tells us this is NOT the way he had hoped to scare anyone EVER!

A TV adaptation of the author's sci-fi/horror tale Under the Dome is currently in production in Wilmington, North Carolina, and apparently, the CBS show's crew neglected to inform an elementary school a few hundred yards away from their set that they were filming a scene that involved a fake gunfight!

So when shots rang out, the

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Girls Gone Wild Shoot BUSTED By LAPD!

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girls gone wild busted by lapd

Can't blame Steve Wynn for this one, Joe!

Yesterday, the LAPD busted a Girls Gone Wild photo shoot in a Hollywood Hills house to "conduct a 'film permit investigation.'"

Police sources claimed that there's been an ongoing issue with people shooting at the location without permits, and they also said that they weren't JUST targeting GGW.

According to

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Mining Is Destroying The Great Wall of China!

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Absolutely tragic that something with this much history would be destroyed so carelessly.

The Great Wall of China is apparently in big trouble, due to legal and illegal mining around the structure in a push to develop the country's resources, has lead parts of it - some as long as 100 miles - to literally crumble!

According to engingeer Guo Jianyong:

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Pinkberry Sold Simpsons Co-Creator Sam Simon Faulty Property?

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Sam Simon Lawwsuit against Pinkberry

Wow, we may have to boycott Pinkberry after this news!

Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons, is taking Pinkberry to court after he says they intentionally sold him a property he planned on using as a non-profit food bank that WASN'T permitted for food product operations!

After realtors SWORE it was permitted for such use, Simon purchased the building for $1.2 million because of amenities for his cause like the food prep area and walk-in freezer.

As it turned out, his new property was only licensed as an "auto repair garage", not food service. In fact, Pinkberry never even obtained proper plumbing, mechanical, and electrical permits!

In retaliation, Sam is suing all alleged guilty parties involved including his realtor, Pinkberry co-founder Shelly Hwang, AND the company through which Pinkberry does business.

It's such a shame Sam even has to go through all of this when he just wanted to improve the lives of the less fortunate!

UPDATE: A rep for Pinkberry reveals to FitPerez.com:

"Pinkberry has nothing to do with the entity that sold the building to Simon. Pinkberry is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, and was not an owner or a tenant in the building when it was sold. Pinkberry was not involved in any of the negotiations or the sale of the building.

What is even more concerning is that the story focuses on an "anti-charity" angle, when the truth is that Pinkberry and its people are strong supporters of charities, including the very sort of food bank charity that Mr. Simon generously supports."

[Image via WENN.]

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Sunset Junction Music Festival CANCELED!

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Sunset Junction has been officially canceled this year!

The city of Los Angeles denied the permit for this year's festival even though organizers raised enough money to cover fees the city was demanding.

Unfortunately, they only had about $100,00 of the $141,000 owed on hand, which prompted the city to deny the proper permits needed.

A lawyer representing Sunset Junction said that a check could be delivered by Thursday, one day after the deadline.

The board's president, Andrea Alarcon, wasn't having any of it though. She said:

"We've given you opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to come clean, to make it right. This is far short to making it right.

This is not an indication to me … that any funds will be available for issuance of a check to support the special events permit. I do see a deposit of $100,000, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot.

Fail me once, shame on you. Fail me twice, shame on me. This organization has failed this city time and time again."

Wow, she isn't messing around! We are sooo sad about this!

This is the first time in 31 years that the festival has been canceled.

What are the Silver Lake hipsters going to do this weekend?!?

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No More Exotic Animals In Oregon

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Asian liger

Sorry Oregon residents, if you wanted to get your kids a tiger as a pet you no longer can.

As of January 1, 2011, Oregon will no longer be issuing permits for exotic animals.

The law is meant to protect the community from the health and safety risks posed by exotic animals. This makes a lot of sense!

Veterinarian, Dr. Don Hansen said that he is sure there are many people without permits for their exotic animals. However, starting in the new year those without permits will no longer be allowed to keep their animals.

The new law does not affect current permit holders, but it will expire if the animal dies or is sold.

Do U think Oregon is making a good decision?

[Image via WENN.]

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