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Lindsanity's Assistant Couldn't Handle The Separation!

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Looks like Lindsay Lohan's former assistant slave, Eleonore, couldn't handle life without La Loca's shenanigans because she's back in the employment of the wacktress.

The personal assistant has apparently been re-hired for a month long "trial run" to see whether or not she can be trusted in the Lohan world.

Good luck bb and enjoy La Loca while she's sober.

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Now Hiring! Lindsanity's Personal Assistant Quits!

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Oh no! What is poor Lindsanity going to do now that she doesn't have anyone to carry her drunk ass out of clubs at 4am, clean up all of the vomit, and tuck her into bed??

Sources are claiming that La Loca's personal assistant, Eleonore, is finally over her employer's wacked out shenanigans and has quit!

According to the insiders, Eleonore would be forced to stay with the train wreck for days on end, and would get blamed when shiz was going wrong in her life! The poor woman was "exhausted" and "had enough of Lindsay's demands."

We're shocked! How could that dainty little lady possibly be so erratic and demanding?? Lies!


What do U think?? Is anyone in the El Lay area unemployed and desperate enough to take THAT position??

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Not Sure We Believe This But…

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Star Magazine is reporting that Jason Trawick is cheating on girlfriend Britney Spears with his former personal assistant Jessica Steindorff!

A source reveals:

"Jason has been cheating on Britney with Jessica from the beginning of their relationship. He has deceived Britney with lies for too long, and somebody needs to tell her the truth, even if it hurts.

"He was always telling Jessica he had broken up with Britney so it was OK that they were sleeping together."

Jessica has declined to comment, but the two of them have supposedly been involved for 3 years!

We hope this isn't true — we don't want to see Britney fly off the deep end again!

What do U think?

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Kiki Drunkst Takes The Stand!

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Kirsten Dunst took the stand today against her purse snatcher and alleged drug dealer.

For almost three years, Kiki has been trying to get James Jimenez behind bars for stealing her stuff while on the set of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. James has come up with a lot of stories to prove his innocence, his latest being that he was invited to the set as Kiki's drug provider. He claims that he sold Kiki and her pals marijuana.

But today, Kiki testified in the retrial and claimed that she didn't smoke pot. She did, however, continue to throw her personal assistant under a bus by telling the courts that she smoked pot.

The defense then launched a line of questioning on Dunst's stand on the legalization of marijuana, but the judge ruled it irrelevant. After that, Kiki insisted that she had no idea who Jimenez was prior to the burglary and that neither she nor her assistants invited them to set.

Sounds like a lot of he said, she said. But what we really want to hear is what the judge has to say! This thing has been going on long enough! Put it to bed already!

[Image via WENN.]

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How Much Would You Be Willing To Pay For Madonna's Diaries?

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An Ebay seller is claiming to have a buttload of Madonna's personal items, including several journals from '88-'92, an address book with famous contacts like Antonio Banderas, Dennis Hopper, Lenny Kravitz, Matt Damon, John Malkovich, Oliver Stone, and Al Pacino, as well as personal family photos.

The set, which is now being sold on Ebay, is said to have belonged to Madonna's personal assistant Melissa Crowe, who worked for the pop star from 1987-1996.

No word yet on how the anonymous seller obtained the personal items, however, Crowe has told the fan site, Madonnalicious, that she wants the items back and tells fans to NOT bid on the items, which starting bids are at $1000 a piece.

If they are real, we can only imagine how juicy those journals are!!

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Cover Up, Russell!

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Your staff doesn't want to see all your junk falling out!

Liliana dalla Piana was formerly Russell Brand's personal assistant, until his "high maintenance" ways forced her to quit.

In true Hollywood fashion, Liliana went to the press to describe the sights she endured while on the job. She told a British rag mag:

"Russell was very, very high maintenance. He used to walk around in his underpants. Calvin Klein boxers might have done it for me, but Y-fronts certainly didn't … Some things I was asked to do were nearly impossible. I've worked for Michael Flatley and Harvey Goldsmith but Russell was by far the most demanding. He does go through a lot of personal assistants, I think some have even had mental breakdowns."


If he wore panties, that'd be kinda cute, though! And funny!

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Action Star Steven Seagal Accused Of Sex Trafficking!

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This is pretty terrible!

An old assistant of action star Steven Seagal is suing him and charging him with sexual assault and trafficking!

According to the girl, Kayden Nguyen, she had applied and was hired for an "executive assistant" position for Steven. Upon arriving to the job, she claims that Steven was also keeping" two young female Russian 'Attendants' on staff who were available for his sexual needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

Kayden alleges in her suit that though he had these two girls, on the first night of the job, Steven treated her "as his sex toy", allegedly pushing his hands under her skirt, fondling her breasts and forcing his hand down her pants. Though she complained about the indecency the next morning, it happened again the following day. Along with the sexual assault, she claims Steven forced her to "consume illegal pulls." She is now suing him for over $1 million!

Of course, Team Seagal claims that the girl is full of it. His lawyer, Marty Singer, responded to her claims by calling them "ridiculous and absurd." He also insists that she is merely a disgruntle employee that was let go for using illegal narcotics and that the entire suit is a "complete fabrication without a scintilla of truth."

Scintilla of truth? Oh, we like that! Maybe your client is just a scintilla of a man?! That could be possible! Or maybe she only has a scintilla of morality?!

We soon shall see!

[Image via WENN.]

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