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Dog Food Manufacturer WellPet Recalls Wellness Dog Food Brand

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This is just a disaster.

Massachusetts pet food manufacturer, WellPet, has recalled its Wellness Dog Food brand due to high moisture levels.

Unfortunately, all of the WellPet websites (it also makes Holistic Select, Eagle Pack and Old Mother Hubbard) are down due to Hurricane Sandy so consumers cannot get more facts on the situation.

The website servers are based in New Jersey, a state hit with billions of dollars worth of damage.

The sites may be up today but the company is fielding phone calls as well.

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More Dog Food Gets Recalled


After Diamond Pet Foods' three dog food recalls, we thought our pets' stomachs (and ours) could be at ease.

But now, Mars Petcare US wants to hop into the recall biz…

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Dr. Patrick Mahaney Talks About Feeding Your Pet

With so many different brands and kinds of pet food out there, it can be confusing what you should ACTUALLY feed your pet!

Our new Teddy Hilton correspondent Dr. Patrick Mahaney, along with his pup Cardiff, is taking time to give us all some great advice about what to look for when looking to purchase quality pet food!

The veterinarian advises that just like our bodies, the healthier food you provide for your pet, the healthier your pet will be!

The most important question to ask yourself when buying quality pet food is, "Would I eat that myself?" If the answer is "no" then you probably shouldn't be feeding it to your furry friend either!

For more great advice, check out his first of many videos to come above!

If you have any other questions, feel free to tweet Dr. Mahaney or visit his website for more great advice to keep your pet as healthy as possible!

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The Raw Food Diet… FOR PETS!

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raw food pet

After a 2007 recall of more than 100 brands of processed pet food in the United States, when about 2,000 dogs and 2,000 cats died from ingesting tainted food - many owners have begun feeding their pets less-processed foods.

While this approach has many forms, the most popular is the Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods diet, or BARF” diet.

It recommends a menu of bones, fleshy meat, organ meat, vegetables, fruit, eggs, flax seed, garlic, kelp, alfalfa, and cod liver oil, vitamin E, zinc oxide, and manganese oxide supplements.

Some owners swear by this diet, suggesting it’s closer to what their pets’ ancestors might have eaten in the wild. They claim animals on this diet are thinner, fitter and happier, with fewer allergies, fleas and everyday aches and pains than animals that eat processed food.

A typical meal might include some type of meaty bone (chicken backs, chicken wings, turkey necks), ground meat (beef, turkey, lamb), organ meat (beef kidneys, chicken liver), whole eggs, pulverized fruits and vegetables, and supplements.

Drawbacks to the diet include the danger of salmonella and E. coli present in a frighteningly large percentage of raw meat, bacteria which can cause illness and death in animals.

Also digestive or immune problems can be a side effect if your pet is older - you’ll want to introduce the raw food slowly.

The biggest draw back (for most of us) - raw food diets are expensive. Owners can expect to pay upwards of $70 a month for raw meat, fruit and veggies, while processed food can cost as little as $10 a month.

For owners willing to give the diet a shot the benefits could mean happier pet with a longer heather life!

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New Year's Resolution: Help Your Pets Lose Weight!

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Help your pet lose weight in the new year

Just like obesity is a huge problem for humans (no pun intended!), it's also a problem for animals.

Dogs and cats suffer from the same health problems people do with excess weight such as arthritis, diabetes, heart problems - all which could lead to a shorter life span.

While many of us this year (like every year since the dawn of time) are making a resolution to drop the carbs and hit the gym, but maybe it's time for your pet to do the same.

The Vinton Veterinary Hospital in Virginia is doing something about animal obesity and is sponsoring a Biggest Loser for pets.

Pets return every two weeks to be weighed and to chart progress. The pet that loses the most weight by percentage by April 1st wins a slew of healthy pet food and other prizes!

Of course, not everybody can get in on this event, but maybe check for similar local events or AT LEAST talk to your vet about slimming down your pet.

Maybe start working out with your pet, soboth of you can lose weight.

On behalf of Teddy, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the pets and pet lovers out there!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Rose Parade Pups Get Wet This Year

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Dogs appearing in the Rose Parade

Meet the 14 dogs that made the cut to appear in this year's Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA, on the Natural Balance Pet Food's float.

In past years, the float featured canines skateboarding and snowboarding, but in 2011, the dogs are getting wet and SKIM BOARDING!

Can't wait to see them in action!

The dogs will be skimboarding on the record-breaking, world's heaviest float, weighing more than 35 tons!

The float features 4,000 gallons of water for the dogs to leap from a water covered deck into a 9-ft. by 21-ft. pool of water in the rear, with room for their owners to supervise.

Wow! Be careful, pups.

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