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Justin Bieber Gets Knocked Out On Primetime TV!

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Bieby, Bieby, Bieby, no!

Justin Bieber has had it rough the past few days!

Not only was he dogged on for his overalls, booed at his performance in his homeland of Canada and of course, still working on mending his broken heart — he also found himself in an all-out brawl!

Fret not, Beliebers! He’ll be okay! Justin’s fight was all just an animation!

Check out what happened (above) when Peter Griffin found Lois getting frisky with the Biebs on Sunday's Family Guy!

Aw…! Remember, though — no Biebers were harmed in the filming of this! LOLz!

We gotta say, they could’ve at least updated his hairstyle! Ha!

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Family Guy Moving To The UK

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Stewie Makes Sense

FOX's animated hit Family Guy is heading across the pond giant Atlantic ocean to the UK where it will get an English makeover.

Using Seth MacFarlane’s show as a basis, Happy Families will be an “edgy” cartoon that follows the lives of a typical suburban family living in the UK.

The UK network airing the show has said:

“The combination of slick American animation with quintessentially British humour gives Happy Families a really distinctive feel. Not only is the dialogue laugh-out-loud funny, it’s packed with fantastic celebrity cameos and satirical swipes at every turn."

Edgar, a poor sap who works for his self-obsessed, borderline-evil father-in-law, will be the UK's Peter Griffin-esque character with his wife Wendy and children “weirdo Dusty, idiot Jason, and emo Eve” completing the happy family.

We're definitely curious to see how this turns out!

Do U think the UK version will be better than the original?

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