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Oscars Golden Globes Drama Continues!

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golden globes drama continues

Last we heard about the Golden Globes drama between Dick Clark Productions (DCP) and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), we were reassured that the Globes would continue to air, one way or another.

That's comforting to know, especially because a U.S. District Court judge ruled yesterday that the HFPA's lawsuit against DCP can move forward.

As we mentioned before, the HFPA filed a lawsuit against DCP last November for negotiating "a new contract with NBC without consulting the HFPA leadership first."

Here's what HFPA president Philip Berk had to say, after being given the O-K to proceed with their lawsuit:

"We are thrilled that the federal judge ruled in our favor that our lawsuit, claiming that DCP has no right to the Golden Globe Awards beyond 2011, has merit. We will continue the fight to reclaim all of our rights."

More from HFPA's lead litigator Linda J. Smith:

"We are delighted that the judge agreed with us and refused to accept the argument by Dick Clark Productions and Red Zone that they have any clear claim to control the broadcast rights to any future Golden Globe Awards show. Now that their attempt to evade responsibility for their bad-faith conduct has been rejected, we look forward to presenting our evidence at trial."

Sounds like things are looking up for the HFPA. Hopefully this doesn't get TOO ugly!


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Globes President Philip Berk: Ricky Gervais "Definitely Crossed the Line"

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Yeah, consider yourself finished at the Golden Globes, mate. They're NOT pleased with you.

Not too many people are please with Ricky Gervais this morning. His hosting gig with the Golden Globes is seriously in jeopardy after he made the show "hugely mean-spirited with mildly sinister undertones." (Robert Downey Jr.'s words - not ours!)

But know one is more displeased with the event's host than the HFPA's President, Philip Berk. When asked to comment on last nights show and Ricky's remakes, Philip was nothing but adamant that he did no approve. He told sources:

"He definitely crossed the line. And some of the things were totally unacceptable. But that's Ricky. Any of the references to individuals is certainly not something the Hollywood Foreign Press condones."

But what we've been wondering every since all the hullabaloo start was why exactly Ricky got away with as much as he did? We're under the impression that hosts have to submit their material for review, so the censors and execs can sign off on the jokes he makes.

We were apparently wrong, as Philip explains:

"That's not how Ricky works. I had absolutely no idea what Ricky was going to say so anything I heard was at the same time you heard it. When you hire Ricky Gervais, you expect the unexpected."

Well, then you got exactly what you paid for, didn't you then? Sounds like you knew you could have been headed for trouble, but you chose to ignore the signs. That's on you then, isn't it?

Course, in the end, its still Ricky that loses out. Though Philip wouldn't confirm that he has no intention of inviting Ricky back to host again, we think its a safe bet that he won't. Probably wasn't such a good idea to call him old in front of the entire crowd.

[Image via WENN.]

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Golden Globes DRA-MA!!

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With just a couple of days away until the Golden Globe nominations are announced, major drama seems to be happening behind the scenes of the famous awards show.

PR chief Michael Russell has accused the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) of "unsavory business practices."

Without giving actual details, Russell wrote a letter to the organization's president Philip Berk claiming that he was fired and took issue with the HFPA's "questionable business practices."

He also stated that if these concerns weren't address by 2011's telecast, they would conflict with the "legitimacy and integrity" of the organization.

In a letter Russell wrote to Berk earlier this year (just before his firing), Russell demanded an apology and added:

"Of all people, you know how hard we had to work especially since there was frequent drama as you clashed needlessly and repeatedly with HFPA members, (Globes producer Dick Clark Productions), NBC, Chrysler, and members of the media.

This is the fifth year I have handled PR for the HFPA and Golden Globes with you as president, and this year was by far the worst as your conduct climbed to a new outrageous level."

Also in the letter, Russell alleged that Berk went back on a promise to give him 15% commission after the Michael Russell Group brokered a $100,000 Globes sponsorship deal with Glaceau Smart Water.


So much dramz! Let's hope the Hollywood Foreign Press Association can get their shiz together before next month's Golden Globes telecast!

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