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These Leaked Unretouched Images Of Madonna From Interview Magazine Are Pretty Shocking!

Unretouched images of Madonna from Interview magazine.

This wouldn't be so shocking if they hadn't gone overboard with the Photoshop in the first place!

Unretouched images of Madonna from a photo shoot for Interview magazine in 2010 have just surfaced, and they're quite different from what originally made it onto the mag's pages.

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Not only have the color images been changed to black and white, but Her Madgesty's skin has been completely smoothed out of, well, EVERYTHING — wrinkles, veins, pores, peach fuzz.

Photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott even lightened the whites of her eyes and slimmed down her jawline!

So unnecessary!

We know some retouching and airbrushing is inevitable in every shoot, but do they have to go to such extremes??? There's nothing wrong with looking like the 55-year-old woman that Madonna proudly is!

And we know from paparazzi shots that she looks DAMN GOOD without airbrushing!

Check out more unretouched outtakes in the gallery (above)!


[Image via Mert & Marcus/Interview/Madonna-Revolution]

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Kim Kardashian's Controversial Magazine Spread Was Totally Photoshopped! The PAPER Editor Admits The Truth!

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kim kardashian paper magazine cover obviously photoshopped

Remember that Kim Kardashian PAPER Magazine cover that broke the internet?

OF COURSE YOU DO. It's all over the place right now! LOLz!

While we're sure photoshop was used on ALL of the pictures, it looks like PAPER has been getting the most flack about the champagne one in particular.

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So the co-founder and editor of the mag, Kim Hastreiter, has spoken up, admitting they OBVIOUSLY photoshopped the image!

She said:

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Keira Knightley's Topless Photo Shoot For Interview Was Actually A Protest! Read All About It HERE!

no title

Yup, there was actually a REASON behind this titillating display of ta-tas!

Keira Knightley was photographed topless for Interview magazine's September issue, and she's decided to explain in detail why she agreed to do that shoot!

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Turns out, the British beauty was actually trying to make a potent point about photoshop!

She recently revealed:

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Did Coco Photoshop Her Hourglass Figure?

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So, um… where'd that door frame go?

Coco Austin got into the Halloween spirit yesterday by posting a pic of her super sexy devil costume to her Instagram page.

And while Ice T's wife may be jumping the gun on the holiday, the real problem is that she clearly Photoshopped out a part of her waist!

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While promoting some Halloween tea, because that's a thing, she accidentally erased a section of the white door frame behind her and never put it back in. Oops!

The buxom blonde must have just wanted to give her followers a trick AND a treat. (The trick being the Photoshop and the treat being the costume.)

Sorry Coco, but we still love you!

[Image via Coco/Instagram]

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Kendall Jenner Gets Fat-Shamed By A Magazine & Ireland Baldwin Comes To Her Defense! Get The Deets HERE!

Ireland Baldwin defends Kendall Jenner after a magazine fat-shames her!

Kendall Jenner can definitely count on Ireland Baldwin to always have her back! Seriously, what are best friends for if not for defending you??

And that's exactly what the model did after not only seeing Kendall with photoshopped thighs on the cover of Australian magazine, FAMOUS, but being fat-shamed for it.

Ireland went OFF on Twitter Friday, and among her rant, she wrote:

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