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Chrissy Teigen Gets Hole-y In San Diego! What Did She Just Get Pierced?!

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Chrissy Teigen gets three new piercings in one day!!

No better way to bond with your BFF’s than with piercings!!

Chrissy Teigen and her entourage consisting of her mom and friends slash stylists visited a piercing shop in San Diego on Thursday, with most of them leaving with new holes.

Though the supermodel outdid them getting THREE piercings, one being in her cartilage!

While Chrissy gave no reason for the studded affair, we can only imagine it’s a belated celebratory piercing for landing the cover of Sports Illustrated.

She even HIGHlariously tweeted prior:

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Pete Wentz Talks Penis Piercing! But Does He Have A Different Type Of Ring On His Mind??!

pete wentz meagan camper engagement

We hear wedding bells in Pete Wentz's future!

And no, that doesn't mean his peen piercing jingles like a cat collar! LOLz!

After news that his ex-wifey Ashlee Simpson got a ring on THAT finger, he wants to remind us all that he's not all by his lonesome!

NOPE! Pete is instead wayyyy too distracted by his lady love Meagan Camper and the memory of his Prince Albert!

The rocker explained:

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Pete Wentz and Meagan CamperPete Wentz and Meagan CamperPete Wentz and Meagan CamperPete Wentz and Meagan CamperPete Wentz and Meagan Camper

Suri Cruise Begs Katie Holmes To Get Her Ears Pierced!

suri cruise ears pierced

Never hurts to ask!

Although we have a feeling Katie Holmes may say no!

Although we have another feeling her daughter will fight that decision!

Suri Cruise was apparently overheard asking her momma if she could pierce her ears, but

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Jennifer Aniston Seals Her BFF Friendship With A New Piercing That Complements Her New Hair!

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Jennifer Aniston gets a new piercing with her BFF!

Jennifer Aniston’s sporting a new haircut and a piercing?? Excuse us while we explode from all this change!!

Friend and makeup artist, Gucci Westman, took to Instagram to show off the duo’s matching cartilage piercings with the caption:

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Jennifer Aniston gets a new piercing with her BFF!Jennifer Aniston gets a new piercing with her BFF!Jennifer Aniston gets a new piercing with her BFF!Jennifer Aniston gets a new piercing with her BFF!Jennifer Aniston gets a new piercing with her BFF!

Amanda Bynes Pierces Her Butt Cheek!

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So cheeky!

Amanda Bynes bit the bullet and got her dimple pierced.

Without any explanation whatsoever, the young starlet posted the (above) pic on her brand new Tumblr page, showing off a silver stud stuck right into the middle of her cheek.

Mandy's changed her appearance

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Evan Rachel Wood Gets Pierced! EEK!

WARNING: this is SUPREMELY cringe-worthy! Eeeeeek!

For those of you who've never had a thick, metal needle stuck into your nostril, we have it on good authority that is hurts like a motherf***er!!!!

But props to Evan Rachel Wood, who handled the nose-invasion like a pro and ultimately gained a nose ring!

The girl DID date Marilyn Manson for a hot second, so we're sure she's used to some level of bodily discomfort… Ha!

Watch Rachel as she braves the nose-piercing experience (above)!

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Jessica Alba Sticks A Needle In Her Ear!

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Don’t you hate it when those pesky piercings close up, and you have to go through the painful process all over again!??

It seems Jessica Alba endured the re-piercing pain recently when she decided to re-stick her left ear’s second hole.

The Dark Angel Momma, who was recently

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