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Pigs Run Rampant On The Highway

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50 pigs ran loose on a highway Monday after a truck carrying 720 overturned on the ramp from I-435 North to I-35 Northnear Kansas City, Missouri.

The driver was unharmed and none of the fleeing pigs or other drivers were injured, but unfortunately a few of the piggies died in the crash.

Check out the video (above) captured while roadside crews tried to catch all the squealing piggies and put them back in a truck.

We have a bad feeling these poor pigs were headed someplace where they will meet their untimely end anyway, so we kind of wish the pigs made it to ACTUAL safety.

We'll just pretend they were all being transferred to a really nice farm where they will live long and healthy lives.

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Latest Pet Craze Micro Pigs…May Not Be So Micro After All

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This little piggy went to the market. This little piggy stayed home. THIS little piggy was supposed to be small, but outgrew the house!

Micro pigs, a pet craze sweeping the UK, are pigs bred to be small pets, but experts are warning it is actually nearly impossible to predict how "small" they will actually be!

Usually a cross between a pot-bellied or Kune Kune pigs, micro pigs became a fad after various celebs including the Beckhams bought one, but in some cases, people are returning them to animal shelters as quickly as they buy them.

One family who had to return their pig, Bertie, after he ate the kitchen floor said:

"I did a lot of research on him, but nothing prepares you for how big it is going to be and how much attention it will need."

Brinsley Animal Rescue Centre has been giving new homes to some of the pigs in the UK and warns those thinking about buying a "micro" pig that there is "no such thing as a micro pig", explaining all pigs are large, powerful, and possibly destructive.

Thanks for the warning! We're glad we held off on our urge to grab one of these cute little piggies after all.

Check out the news clip above, which gives us a more optimistic look at these adorable little porkers.

While their cuteness is ridiculously overwhelming, be prepared to handle their pig headed nature and destruction that may ensue once they mature from piglets to piggies.

What do U think? Have U had any bad experiences with a micro pig?

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Pigs In A Snow Blanket

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Hogs enjoy the snow

What adorable little large piggies!

Kuni pigs, Horace Spot and Hector Hog, enjoy the snow in North Wales, while the rest of the country suffers from complications due to the extreme weather.

While some might think they have a face only a mother could love, we think they are two cute pigs!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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This Is A Monkey Riding A Pig

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You heard us, and let us tell you something else:

When that monkey dismounts, he is pretty pissed off! He wants his bacon bits and he just isn't willing to share!


Check out the video! (above)


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