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Pot-Bellied Piglet Is Too CUTE!

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Pot-bellied Piglet

Tiergarten Delitzsch, a German zoo, has a new, super cute resident rolling in its mud…

A pot-bellied piglet!!

This little baby is extra special because she's the only survivor from her litter.

Sadly, four out of the five piglets died due to birth complications.

The mother is doing well now and is taking extra special care of her one baby.

The little baby, blissfully ignorant to how close to death she was, spends her time frolicking in mud puddles, not a care in the world.

She's a little miracle of life and she's so adorbz!!

We just wanna squeeze her!!

[Image via Tiergarten Delitzsch.]

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Canadian Pig Farm Caught Abusing Animals On Hidden Camera!

Et tu, Brute Canada?

Puratone Pig Farm is the center of the latest heartbreaking story of animal abuse, as Mercy for Animals Canada has caught employees treating defenseless pigs horribly.

The laundry list of acts include castration and mutilating piglets, dragging pigs by their ears to their deaths, gestation crates, and slamming baby pigs against metal or the ground if they are not growing fast enough.

Despicable!!! What sane human being would do these things!?!?!?

Check out the shocking and unbelievably sad footage (above).

There is no confirmed investigation underway, but Manitoba's animal welfare department has received the video.

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Two Mangalitza Pigs Birth 17 Piglets At Ostrava Zoo!

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These piggies are going to rival the Duggars soon!

It's a BIG baby day at the Czech Republic's Ostrava Zoo as 17 piglets are showing off their cuteness.

The zoo only houses female pigs so the two mamas were flown to the Vysgov Zoo to mate with a boar.

The result was SEVENTEEN aDORable cutiez!

That's a lot of little piggies to go Wee, Wee, WEE! LOLz!

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Zoo Miami Welcome FOUR Pumbaas Warthog Piglets!

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Pumbaa just got some new brothers and sisters!

Zoo Miami has welcomed a warthog piglet quartet on April 13, where they are heavily guarded by their protective mama!

The zoo hopes to have the piggies ready for the public this Memorial Day weekend, where they will be on display with the rest of their family.

Check out the pics (below) of these baybays!

Now, where are the meerkats?! LOLz!

[Image via Ron Magill/Zoo Miami.]

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French Bulldog Adopts Wild Piglets

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This is so cute!

A french bulldog has adopted several super cute wild piglets in Germany.

These little piglets look like they're wearing chipmunk costumes!

Check out the above video for a cuteness overload.

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