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Police Confirm Suicide Arsonist Took Sodium Cyanide In Court

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Meh. At times like this we honestly don't enjoy being right.

Investigators just confirmed what we already reported was likely — Michael Marin, the convicted arsonist who died on camera in the courtroom — killed himself by ingesting a poison sodium cyanide pill.

Maricopa County Sheriffs found a bottle of the poison in his car which was purchased off the internet sometime last year.

The disgraced Wall Street hotshot also sent a delayed e-mail to his son before the verdict was read, talking about locations of wills and belongings should the courtroom outcome prove unfavorable.

We know Michael was a criminal but the video (above) of him killing himself as if there was no other recourse is still tragic.

No matter what mistakes a person makes, suicide is never the answer.

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Jenelle Evans Reveals She's On The Pill


Jenelle Evans has been working on getting custody of her son Jace back from her mother for a loooong time.

She definitely doesn't want another baby to interfere with those plans especially since she DEFINITELY plans on being sexually active.

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The Best Form Of Birth Control Is…

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Not condoms!

An intrauterine device (IUD) or implant!

These IUDs are so effective because

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Why Do We Need To Pee At Night??

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Pee At Night

Prepare to have your minds blown: an age old question has been answered!

Other than the obvious response of "because you drank too much," do you know why we have to get up in the middle of the night to pee??

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UK Pharmaceutical Company Creates Pot Pill

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If you think medical marijuana cards are crazy, prepare to go nuts!

A pharmaceutical company in the United Kingdom has created the first prescription drug from marijuana plants, which has already been approved in Canada, New Zealand, and 8 other European countries.

Sativex was developed to treat multiple sclerosis patients with symptoms including neuropathic pain, spasticity and overactive bladder, but also has the potential to treat pain caused by cancer.

If it works, it sounds great to us! However, just because other countries are using cannabis in medicine doesn't mean the FDA will allow it here (except all those pot stores we see all over El Lay).

Check out the quick video above to get the basic info and let us know if U think this medicine should be approved for usage in the United States!

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