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Matt Lauer Pokes Fun At Bob Costas' Pink Eyes On The Today Show! Was His Joke Fair Or Foul??

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matt lauer teases bob costas for pink eye

Ouch! That joke's gotta burn worse than a horrible eye infection!

Bob Costas and his pink eyes made their way to the Today show where he sat down with Matt Lauer to talk about the Sochi Olympics, and with the games quickly wrapping up, the two began discussing travel plans!

Well Matty saw the perfect opportunity to throw a little jab at his fellow anchor when he asked:

"Are you taking the red eye home?"

HA! Get it?? Because Bob's eyes are red! And that's what they call late-night flights!! Well, at least Al Roker seemed to think it was funny…

Costas was a good sport about the whole thing and laughed it off, although his infection clearly isn't gone since he chose to wear sunglasses to cover up his peepers!

Get better soon, Bobby!

Ch-ch-check out the anchor-on-anchor throwdown …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Bob Costas Gives NBC Viewers An Eyeful As He Returns To Sochi Olympic Coverage! Still Looks Infected To Us! Yikes!

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a 560x375

He's baaaaaaaack!!!

After coming down with a nasty case of pink eye, Bob Costas had to take a couple nights off to rest as Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira temporarily took over his Sochi Olympic coverage duties!!

Well, it appears he and his eyes are feeling much better as he's back to his rightful spot in front of the camera! (Despite the fact that his eyes still look infected, albeit, a little less, we guess…)

The NBC reporter returned after taking six days off and began the broadcast by jokingly saying he was filling in for Matt and Meredith, however, he also admitted that

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Ann Curry BANNED From Working Sochi Olympics For NBC!

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ann curry not allowed to report on sochi olympics

Ann Curry has had plenty of time to separate herself from the ugly ending that went down at the Today show and has since landed on her feet, but it appears there's still some bad blood brewing between her and NBC!!

Jim Bell, the network producer who allegedly played a big role in having the beleaguered reporter fired, is also serving as

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Bob Costas' Pink Eye Has Costas'd Him His Job — For A Night At Least!

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bob costas pink eye night off sochi

Poor Bob Costas!

This is what happens when you rub your eyes on the Sochi stray dogs or use the water in the hotels to wash your face: you have to take the night off from doing your Olympic coverage!

Bob claims it's because he

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Bob Costas Gets Pink Eye At Sochi! He Must Have Washed His Face With All That Yellow Water!

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bob costas pink eye sochi olympics

Guess someone must have used that yellow Sochi water!

The less-than-ideal conditions that welcomed Olympic athletes in Russia has been well-documented, but now they’ve injured an American Treasure!

Okay, anything could have caused this, like maybe sleeping a pillow you farted on, but the tragic news coming out of Sochi is that Bob Costas has pink eye, or something like it.

The legendary Olympic anchor was looking slightly less than his best, and an assistant explained what happened:

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Eyeball Licking Craze Is As Gross As It Is Dangerous!

eyeball licking crazy dangerous pink eye gross disgusting

KIDS THESE DAYS — we never thought we'd be the ones saying that someday, and yet here we are! LOLz!

So there's this new craze in Japan (but spreading throughout the world), and it involves kids licking each other's eyeballs. Why? Seriously, why?

Not only is this dangerous and just mind-bogglingly gross, but it's also spreading pink eye! Right now it's a hit among 12-year-olds, and apparently they claim it's the next step after French kissing. The logic there is just… we don't even know what to say!

There's gotta be a better way to improve upon the French kiss! Ha!

[Image via YouTube.]

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Bryan Cranston Got Pink Eye From Total Recall

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Bryan Cranston got pink eye while on the set of Total Recall due to dirty water!


There is a fight scene between Bryan and Colin Farrell where they are splashing around in some water.

The crew thought they would make things easier for the cast by heating the water but all it did was make the water a petrie dish for bacteria to grow.

Bryan said:

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