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Lindsay Lohan Upset Over David Letterman's Drinking/Drug Jokes?! Find Out HERE!

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Right now, Lindsay Lohan is probably preparing for a fun filled weekend at Coachella where she will totally NOT drink or take any type of illegal substances (HA)…

But could girl still be feeling the burn from the provocative jokes that David Letterman made at her expense during their recent Late Show interview?!

At Thursday evening's Scary Movie 5 premiere, the starlet expressed:

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Jim Carrey Responds To Fox News Losing Their Shizz Over His Anti-Gun Video!

Oh Fox News, you took the bait, didn't you??

Jim Carrey dropped a hottttt new track the other day, which we covered for you — it was a song about gun control, done in a Hee Haw parody! Honestly, it was harmless while getting Jim's personal views across.

Fox News on the other hand took it as a personal slight and has been losing their shizz over it the past few days, regardless of literally all other stories being way more important news! Isn't there something going on in the Supreme Court right now or something…? LOLz!

Anyway, Jim has responded to their bashing! Here's what he said:

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Get Pissy While Holding Hands In Paris?!

kim and kanye paris museum visit holing hands

Awww what's with the grumpy-puss expressions?!

Kim Kardashian and her baby-daddy Kanye West were spotted visiting FAMED Parisian cultural institutions Le Palais de Tokyo and the museum of Art Deco Monday…

And even though the couple are holding hands, they just seem a little pissed off (above)!

Perhaps they are regretting their decision to wear odd matching black and white outfits at the Givenchy fashion show that took place the night before?

Or was the artwork not to their liking?

Or maybe they were both annoyed because THEIR latest nude art wasn't being featured in ANY of the museums!

LOLzz, that must have been it.

Ch-ch-check out MORE pics of Kim and Kanye's not-so-happy day out (below)!

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Justin Bieber's Identity HIJAKED By Black Keys Drummer! Beliebers Be PISSED!

patrick carney black keys justin bieber twitter profile(1)

Beware the wrath of a scorned Belieber!!!

Justin Bieber and Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney have NOT been the best of friends since Patrick dissed Bieber after last Sunday's Grammys, a diss which JB responded to with Twitter shade of his own…

But this weekend the mini-feud BLEW THE F*CK UP when Patrick decided to HIJACK Justin's identity by completely remodeling his Twitter to seem like JB's official Twitter page.

Patrick changed his name to Justin Bieber, photoshopped JB's face on his own (above) and altered his heading to:

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Kim Kardashian PISSED Over Instagram Changes! Threatens To Take Boobs Bangs Elsewhere?!

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Ruh Roh Instagram!

You've gone and thoroughly screwed the pooch celeb, and Kim Kardashian is NOT a happy munchkin!

Kimmy K. has already tweeted her distaste over the photo-sharing site's recent rule changes, and now we hear that she is actively telling others to boycott Instagram unless the social media program reconsiders its new, invasive policies!

AND she's thisclose to canceling her account, taking her much beloved vintage-colored snaps — and her millions of followers — to a rival enterprise!

Seeing as Kim is the site's #1 user with 5,726,343 followers, that could be a BIG loss for the company.

BUT the Kardashian sister is apparently not doing anything drastic UNTIL she reads the revised terms of service policy which should be released SOON.

What would the world do without Kim's sepia-tinged photo adventures?!?!


[Image via Twitter.]

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Rihanna "Pissed" At Rita Ora Stealing Her Style!

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Ladies, ladies! We're sure it's just a coinciden–


While we love British singer Rita Ora, it seems that Jay-Z's latest protégé has been accused of copping the Queen of Diamonds AKA Rihanna's style…

By Rihanna herself!

Apparently, Ri thought that Ora's red, flowery semi-sheer gown that she wore to this year's European Music Awards is a straight rip-off of a dress that Rihanna wore to the 2010 American Music Awards (above).

AND it didn't help that during Rita's EMA performance, girl used an UMBRELLA as a prop to protect her from the SHOWERING electric sparks…

Ummm… yeah, we're starting to see similarities here! HA!

One insider reveals:

"Rihanna was furious when she spotted Rita Ora’s dress for the VMAs, a rose gown that looked like one she wore in 2010. When Rita started her career, Rihanna thought it was cute that she was copying her look. But now she’s getting p***ed off, especially as Rita is getting a following by using her old tricks."

And we have to say, back when we were first introduced to Rita's music we totally saw her as a British version of Rihanna! She even facially resembles the Unapologetic singer!

Now, we can't really blame Rita for this style-stealing… she is what her producers and managers make her and it makes sense that they would just wanna construct their product singer to seem as similar to Rihanna as possible.

RiRi is one of the most successful artists on the planet, thus Rita imitating Ri is practically guaranteed money in their pockets!

But Rita… it's time you found your OWN image, lady! Don't let those music managers and such dictate your look! You've got the insane talent, you don't need to be like Rihanna to be a smash success!

[Image via WENN.]

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Derek Jeter: Is He Leaving The Yankees?!?!?!?!?

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Derek Jeter Might Be Leaving The New York Yankees

Say it ain't so, Jetes!

Derek Jeter has signed a contract with the New York Yankees through the 2013 season AND he has an $8 million player option for 2014…but that may not be enough to keep him with the Yanks!

During a recent interview with ESPN's Rick Reilly, Derek was asked if he could envision himself in another uniform, to which he replied the following (brace URselves, Yankee fans):

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