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Duck Dynasty Stars Refuse Autographs! Fans Get PISSED!

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duck dynasty stars skip out autographs(1)

Willie Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty was recently at an archery event that was leading up to the Country Music Awards.

He and one of his family members/co-stars were supposed to go to a two hour autograph event after the archery thing was over.

Except they totally bailed!

An eyewitness said:

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Kate Winslet Breaks One Fan's Heart Big Time!!

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kate winslet disappoints fans filming labor day

And we're not sure if it can go on… (badum psshhh)

According to one distressed fan, Kate Winslet totally snubbed a hundred fans waiting to get her acknowledgement when she arrived in their small town to shoot Labor Day.

Shanna Swan had been waiting in the rainy cold with her children and other fans (including a number of senior citizens) when the Cadillac finally pulled up with the Oscar winner.

And that's when everyone's pretty little bubble burst.

Shanna explains:

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Kid Rock Apologizes After Pissing Off Concertgoers With Cigar Smoke

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kid rock apologizes for cigar incident

Whether or not he'd had a few too many drinks, Kid should have realized that this wasn't cool!

On Friday, Kid Rock pissed off a bunch of concertgoers when he lit up a cigar fifteen minutes into a Travis Tritt concert at the Andiamo Celebrity Showroom in Warren, MI.

Randy Snell, a registered nurse in attendance at the show, had the following to say about the incident:

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Soulja Boy Pisses Off The Military

Good thing he didn't piss off Lindsay Lohan as well, otherwise he'd probably be getting sued

Military veteran Fred A. Flores is NOT happy with Soulja Boy for his new rap song Let's Be Real (above) in which he says "f**k the army troops."

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SPOILER ALERT! New Study Shows That People Prefer Spoilers!

people prefer spoilers

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers referenced (below). Duh!

How many people had The Sixth Sense ruined for them? How many of you knew Dumbledore's fate before you got to page 596?? How many of you had the secret of Keyser Söze's identity ruined in The Usual Suspects???

You MAY have been pissed off at the time, but a new study shows that people actually PREFER hearing spoilers!

According to the new study,

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Hey NBC! Paul Reiser Is PISSED About Being Canceled!

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Last night on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Paul Reiser was scheduled to appear to promote his new NBC sitcom, The Paul Reiser Show…but then they canceled it on Friday after only two episodes.

Check out the actor STILL making his appearance, and not at all sarcastically discussing why he thinks he was axed (above)!

Ouch! Can't say we blame him for being so pissed, though!

Didn't seem like they gave him much of a shot!

What do U think?? Should his show have gotten the boot so quickly?

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Girl Overjoyed With Japan Tragedy Claims She Was Joking

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Yesterday, we saw a VERY disturbing video in which a girl called the tragedy in Japan a sign from God.

She claimed she was overjoyed with what happened to Japan, and said that she thinks America is next, because she believes that God is looking to wipe out all the atheists.

Now, in her newest video (above), she claims that she was joking, and that she intended to piss people off, but because she pissed SO many people off, she decided to come clean.

Before she closed her YouTube account, she had many other bizarre videos up as well, which seem to support her statement that she was joking…but why would she make fake videos for over a year?

Whether or not she was joking, we think there's something REALLY disturbing about her…and she doesn't actually apologize in this video. In fact, she looks kind of glib.


Do U think it was all a joke?

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