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Jersey Shore's Angelina Maintains Validity Of Engagement! Blames Rumors On A 'Jealous' Friend!

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Uh-oh! It sounds like we have ourselves a war of the words case!

There's been a lot of speculation regarding whether or not Angelina Pivarnick, formerly of the smash reality series Jersey Shore, is ACTUALLY engaged to David Kovacs after reports surfaced that the two staged the entire thing for publicity. However, the guidette has come forward and claims that the rumors were started by a former friend named Lauren Lubrino, who is jealous of her!

She explains:

"We are still together, still engaged and getting married, of course. This is one girl staring rumors, trying to trash my happiness who's in love with my fiancé. I was going to let this girl, who was 23, do a pilot with me. She was from Staten Island, and I was skeptical, but I went with it. I tried it out with her. She shopped around my pilot then told me all the networks thought it was boring. How am I boring? She's in love with him. She says I stole him from her, she says she was dating him but they were never dating. His mom tried to hook them up, but he was never attracted to her. This is going to come to an end. Me and him are getting married and it's strong and that's it."

Ha! Innerestinggggg.

But we can't help but ask: is this girl actually jealous of her, or is she 'jealous' like she claims her former castmates were?

However, if that's the case, then gurlfriend has taken this whole thing waaay far, as she's filed a police report against Lubrino, claiming "aggravated harrassment," including throwing rocks at Kovacs' mother's house, keying his car, and making threatening phone calls.

Lubrino maintains, however:

"I didn't leak any information, I wish her and Dave the best of luck,. I haven't spoken to them in months. It's completely false, she can't prove anything. She has a vendetta against me because the pilot didn't go through. I want nothing to with her. It's wrong of her to go after me. I seriously deny any allegations. We can sort this out in a court of law."

Wowza! Frankly, we don't know what to believe, but given her history, we know never to put anything past the Staten Island Dump!

What do U think?? Team Angelina or Team Other Chick??

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How To Woo Potential Guests For A Talk Show, According To Nate Berkus!


Wow! He certainly has a 'take no prisoners' attitude, doesn't he?!

Apparently, Nate Berkus was so bent on securing a specific (but unindentified) celebrity as a guest on his daytime talk show, that he had no problem throwing his competition - Martha Stewart and Wendy Williams - under the bus as a ploy to win them over!

Check out some HIGHlights from a pitch letter that he sent their people (below)!

It reads:


·Nate delivers more than one million more viewers than Martha's Hallmark show. Nate averages about 1.2 million total viewers so far this season, while Martha's talk show averages only about 220,000 total viewers.


·This November, Nate delivers a 0.6 rating among Women 25-54, building its time periods from a 0.5 base, up +20 percent over last November.

·Wendy Williams also delivers a 0.6 rating among Women 25-54, but that is down from its time periods' 0.7 last year, -14 percent.


clASSy move, bb!

The real question is, however, if the kind of people to whom he sends that kind of pitch actually respond positively to it! Personally, we'd find it a little tacky!


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Salma Sells Another American Remake Of A Telenovela To ABC!

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Yes! Latino lightning is going to strike twice!

Salma Hayek and her producing partner, Jose Tamez, have sold a US reimagining of a Argentenian telenovela to the ABC network!

The original series, Los Roldan, follows a working class man who, after saving the life of a woman, is hired to run her company!

Oh! Sounds like another fish out of water dramedy! We like!

Former Ugly Betty writers Veronica Becker and Sarah Kucserka will serve as writers and executive producers.

We're so excited! We need something to fill the void that Ugly Betty left, and this sounds perfect!

What do U think?? Will U watch??

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J.J. Abrams' New Pitch!

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Sounds creepy!

J.J. Abrams and his production company Bad Robot have a new pitch for a movie and it could be really good!

The idea is to have two teens at a party play "7 Minutes in Heaven" and when they come back out of the closet, everyone else in the house is dead!


What do U think?

[Image via AP Images.]

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Undercover Karaoke Might Become A TV Series!

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We would definitely watch this!

Funny Or Die recently released (above) a HIGHlarious viral video called Undercover Karaoke With Jewel - which featured the singer in disguise and planted in a karaoke bar to perform her own songs to unsuspecting patrons - and it apparently was such a success that the clip's creator, Eric Appel, and the Funny Or Die team are shopping around the concept as a reality television show!

The series would follow the same concept, and feature various musicians over the past four decades in disguise and playing their own hits at various karaoke bars!

Amazing! Fast track this shiz into production!

What do U think?? Would you watch Undercover Karaoke - The Series??

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Bristol And Levi Have MULTIPLE Reality Shows They're Pitching!


Nice to see that Bristol Palin not only has her mother's stoopidity, but also her penchant for famewhoring!

We reported yesterday that the dumbass daughter of the vice presidential candidate had not only rekindled her romance with Levi Johnston, but was also planning to shop a reality show about their lives around to various networks - and now we've learned that they have "multiple reality shows" in development, and they all involve exploiting their toddler, Tripp!

WTF could they possibly have going on that would engage viewers for more than five minutes, let alone more than one reality show?

That being said, we pray that these negotiations work out and these fools do get on TV - as much as we love ragging on her, nothing compares to watching Bristol embarrass herself without anyone's help!

Bwa ha ha!

[Image via WENN.]

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