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What Would Jennifer Lawrence Have Been If Acting Hadn't Worked Out? Find Out What She Said HERE!

what would jennifer lawrence have been if acting hadnt worked out find out what she said here(1)

She's so amazingly talented!

We can't imagine her not on the silver screen!!!

Jennifer Lawrence recently joined Kelly Ripa on Live! With Kelly and Michael where the two - amongst other things - played an amazing game of "Name That Jen"!!!

The game featured J.Law guessing, correctly we might add, Jens from across the celebrity spectrum and it's clear that this actress is a BIG fan of more Jens than just herself!

One of the most interesting tidbits from the show was J.Law's admission that she sometimes wonders if she made the right choice in becoming a celebrity. She said

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Lorde Responds To Protestors Who Plan On Picketing At Her Concert In Kansas With Kindness!

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lorde westboro baptist church reaction response

Kill 'em with kindness, that's Lorde's motto!

A few days before her Kansas show, the 17-year-old New Zealander found out about protestors planning to picket outside her concert on Friday!

Like any teenager nowadays, Lorde took to Twitter for some word-vomit and spewed her thoughts on the situation!

Her suggestions were pretty tame, but the songstress has since removed her tweets towards these picket yielding protesters, but you can read them (below)!

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Ashton Kutcher Plans On Making Mila Kunis Mrs. Kutcher ASAP! Was This His Plan From The Very Beginning?!

ashton kutcher mila kunis short engagement plan all along

Ashton Kutcher sure knows what he wants in life!

The Two & A Half Men star proposed to his girlfriend and former co-star, Mila Kunis and word is he isn't looking to wait a year before they get married!

But, what about all the wedding preparation?! Surely that will take some time!

According to a source close to Ashton, the actor was planning to start a life with the sexy starlet as soon as possible!

The source said:

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Could We Get 55 States In The Union?! This Plan Could Literally Change All U.S. Maps Forever!

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Could California be broken into six states?

It could if Tim Draper gets his way. The venture capitalist is pushing for a ballot initiative that would break the Golden State into six smaller states! He says:

"Vast parts of our state are poorly served by a representative government…

[They] would be better served by six smaller state governments."

Mr. Draper thinks California is so big it's ungovernable. He makes an interesting point. Not even Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to fix the state's financial problems.

But does the measure have a chance of passing?

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Prince George Is Ready To See The World! Where Will The Royal Baby Travel To In 2014?


Are you ready to meet Prince George, world? Because his royal highness is ready to meet U!

In April, Prince William and Kate Middleton have an official visit to

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Beyoncé Dropping Huge Single In December?! Learn Bey's Secret Plan HERE!

beyonce turn

With all the Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and Katy Perry all dropping hit after hit, it seems like the worst time for a diva to drop a new single- unless that diva is Beyoncé!

According to an industry insider, Queen Bey thinks this is the perfect time to throw her crown in the ring with all the other ladies. The source says:

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American Idol Peeps Secretly Plotted To REPLACE Mariah Carey Mid Season With Jennifer Lopez?!

jennifer lopez taking over mariah carey american idol secret plot

Open those throats WIDE and prepare to guzzle some JUICY American Idol gossip!

The long running reality singing competition's ratings have been sinking to DEEP depths despite the presence of Divas extraordinaire Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj

So the big brainz behind AI reportedly decided to pull a MAJOR switch-a-roo that would have REPLACED Mariah with former popular AI judge Jennifer Lopez in hopes of scoring better viewing numbers!

AND rumor has it when Mariah heard about the plan she threatened LEGAL action.

BUT, Mariah's rep AND the bigwigs over at FOX are completely denying reports of a quick-ratings-fix plan involving either ladies.

One spokesperson states:

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