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Alf AND Teddy Ruxpin?? Delta's New Safety Video Is Pure '80s Bliss!

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Do you miss Alf as much as we do??

We know you do! As it turns out, he didn't get captured by scientists wanting to dissect him!

He's been on a Delta plane this whole time, and we have the proof! Just check out Delta's rad and amazing 80s themed in-flight safety video!

Brand new, but with a retro vibe, it's HIGHlarious and charming! It's also a blast to try and get all the retro jokes they throw at us!

Teddy Ruxpin? Check. Tab? Check?

Mullets? CHECK.

Watch (above)!

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Jessica Alba Gets Cozy With Honor On A Plane!

Not only does Jessica Alba take Honor on fabulous lunch dates, but she also takes her flying!

The GAWRGEOUS ladies landed in London yesterday, but before they got off the plane, the actress snapped a pic of herself and her daughter.

She tweeted:

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Terry Crews' Crew Arrives At Airport

Terry Crews Family Arrive LAX

You know who Terry Crews doesn't consider Expendables? His family!

The still-superbuff former football player was spotted arriving at LAX Thursday with his happy family in tow.

Terry's crew consisted of his son, two of his four daughters, and his former beauty queen wife Rebecca.

The kids were overheard saying, "Are We There Yet?… is an underrated sitcom that's probably going to put us all through college."

The Family Crews then lifted the plane and carried it all the way to its destination! LOLz!

[Image via BJJ/Crown/FameFlynet Pictures.]

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Mel B Gets Some Hangtime With Kids

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Mel B Kids Fly Home

She doesn't look so Scary anymore!

Former Spice Girl Mel B and her daughters flew home from a quick trip to Germany for Fashion Week.

Phoenix Chi Gulzar, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, and baby Madison Brown Belafonte look so well-behaved, which is just "plane" awesome!

Momma Mel was so proud she just had to post all these pics (below) from their trip on Twitter!


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EXCLUSIVE: Idiot Gives His Son Ativan On A Plane

Idiot Gives His Son Ativan On A Plane

Parenting FAIL!

In an anonymous “Parenting Secrets” column, a father sheepishly admits to drugging his son on a red-eye flight, but not with the usual suspects like Gravol or Benadryl, but with Lorazepam, the Schedule IV Controlled Drug better known as Ativan!!

Have Baby Will Travel founder and Family Travel Expert Corinne McDermott consulted with top infant nutritionist Lianne Phillipson-Webb of Sprout Right, and the Sleep Doula Tracey Ruiz for tips to help toddlers and preschoolers sleep on a plane WITHOUT resorting to drugs:

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Things You Don’t Need To Pack When Traveling With Baby…

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Things You Don’t Need To Pack When Traveling With Baby

While it may feel sometimes when traveling with a baby that you’re lugging along everything and the kitchen sink, Have Baby Will Travel’s founder, family travel expert Corinne McDermott shares items you definitely DO NOT need to cram into your carry-on luggage…

Airplane seat covers: (pictured above)
When you’re boarding a plane with a child in tow, you barely have a second to get organized, and you now have to slip on a seat cover? Never mind the fact that you won’t have time to do this, it doesn’t even cover the most germ-laden areas, the arm rests and tray tables.

Get yourselves seated, then give the arm rests, tray tables, and safety card a quick wipe with an antibacterial wipe, then make sure baby keeps her hands out of her mouth.

Airplane “hammocks”: (pictured below)
This gets surprisingly good reviews on various online retailers, but even if you manage to install it correctly, I can’t see it being entirely safe. If you can’t depend on the guy sitting in front of you not to give you the stink eye, how can you depend on him not to suddenly recline accidentally or on purpose?

Baby Carrier/Car Harness: (pictured below)
Don’t. Just don’t. If you’re traveling by car, your baby needs to be safely secured in an approved and properly installed car seat. Yes, car seats are a hassle to lug along when you’re traveling, but what is a little inconvenience when it comes to your baby’s safety. Bring the car seat. Or rent one when you get where you’re going. Or take public transit so you don’t have to worry about it. But please, please, don’t put your baby in something that markets itself as a carrier/car seat.

Questions on how to travel with baby? Keep coming back to Perezitos and follow Corinne @hvbabywilltrvl on Twitter.

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Meanwhile In Australia…

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Holy shiz!!! Don't get too relaxed up there!

Two children, ages 9 and 13, were trapped in a carriage at the top of a Ferris wheel when a small ultra-light plane crashed into at a rural festival in eastern Australia.

The pilot and his passenger were left hanging for three hours in the plane when it hit the frame near the top of the ride.

A crane was sent into to free all four of them and THANKFULLY, nobody was hurt. In fact, everyone walked away, unharmed, in the incident.

Pilot Paul Cox didn't even see the Ferris wheel before crashing into it.


He said:

"The next thing I knew, I was stopped inside the Ferris wheel. I had no idea for a few minutes and I was just hoping no one got hurt."

Luckily, nobody did. It was a rainy day, which meant many people avoided the outside festival and ride. A paramedic said "the kids were fantastic," adding:

"They were so calm and so well-behaved and very brave. And so were the two gentlemen in the plane. They were just the best patients we could ever hope for, and the best thing about it, no one really had any injuries."

One child who was in the carriage below the plane did get hit by some falling debris, but was not injured - just a little distraught from the incident.

This could have turned into such a major disaster. We're so grateful that nothing more serious happened to anyone involved.

Next time, pilot Paul better steer clear of ANY festivals. Sheesh!!

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