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Jenni Rivera's Body Identified; Plane Dropped From 28,000 Feet!

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It's now confirmed that the remains found near the LearJet crash site believed to be those of Mexican American icon Jenni Rivera have officially been identified, and were turned over to her grieving family Thursday.

Jenni Rivera has indeed passed away.

More harrowing details of this tragic event continue to surface; earlier today we learned that police involved in the investigation have allegedly been stealing items belonging to the victims of the crash…

And now Mexican authorities are claiming the plane went into a tailspin and dropped from 28,000 ft, before crashing in the northern region of Mexico's Sierra Madre Oriental.

The remains of

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Jenni Rivera Plane Crash: Cops ARRESTED For Stealing From The DEAD!

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jenni rivera plane crash police arrested theft

How could anyone do this?!?

Following the horribly heartbreaking tragedy that took Jenni Rivera's life along with the plane, two Mexican police officers have been ARRESTED for allegedly stealing personal items belonging to the victims of the crash.

Not only that but government officials suspect one of the cops to be the culprit behind the leaked crash site photographs.

Is it just us or has corruption in the cop world become a lil' too much to handle these days??

Not only is what they did illegal, it's just downright tacky and disrespectful! C'mon guys… C'mon!!!

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

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Jenni Rivera Was Prepared To Purchase The Jet That Killed Her?!

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jenni rivera purchasing deadly learjet

Oh no!

Jenni Rivera was preparing to purchase the LearJet responsible for the death of her and six others!

According to Starwood exec Christian Esquino, the singer was ready to shell out $250k on the aircraft to transfer the title into her name!

He swears Jenni basically took the plane out for a test drive the weekend it crashed.

Then again, Christian was convicted of drug-trafficking and counterfeiting government inspection stamps and is still currently wanted for questioning regarding his affiliation with the plane.

So we're unsure what to believe!

All we know at this point is that we're still indescribably sad over the loss of the Mexican-American singer.

[Image via Adriana M. Barazza/WENN.]

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Jenni Rivera's SHOCKING Plane Crash Photo!

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We're so torn up over this horrific turn of events, we almost cannot bear to look at the photographic evidence!

Now, more than ever, we realize the beautifully talented Mexican-American pop singer Jenni Rivera only lives on in our hearts.

Authorities released photos of the wreckage site near El Tejocote ranch outside of Monterrey and the results were not pretty.

Like something out of a tragic movie, the plane the singer and the six other passengers chartered was literally torn into pieces and spread out all over the countryside.

Secretary of Communications & Transportation Gerardo Ruiz Esparza examined the scene of the accident and offered

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Jenni Rivera's Posthumous Film Debut Set For 2013 Release

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jenni rivera filly brown 2013 release tragic death edward james olmos

So very sad.

As more details regarding the unthinkable tragedy that took the lives of Jenni Rivera and six other unfortunate souls, the Mexican-American singer's friends, family, colleagues, and fans are coming to a few sobering realizations.

The 43 year-old banda beauty should be gearing up right now up to promote Filly Brown — her film debut that hits theaters this Spring — but the surviving cast and crew is instead left with unanswerable questions and unspeakable sadness.

They will surely walk the red carpet of the premiere with a heavy-heart due to the absence of their friend and colleague.

Oscar-nominated actor Edward James Olmos said this about his co-star:

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Jenni Rivera's Death Confirmed By NTSB

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So very sad.

This isn't a terrible dream that we're about to wake from, Latina superstar Jenni Rivera really has passed.

The National Transportation Safety Board just confirmed they searched the wreckage of the wrecked plane carrying the Mexican-American recording artist and six other passengers and there were indeed no survivors.

The NTSB press release stated:

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Jenni Rivera's Brother Describes Morning Of Crash

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We can't even begin to imagine what Jenni Rivera's family is going through after such a devestating event!

The Mexican-American singer's small Learjet — which we hear has a history of malfunction! — crashed Sunday morning in Mexico, and even though Jenni's body has yet to be identified, her driver's license was found near the accident site.

When talking to reporters outside the family's home in Lakewood, CA on Sunday, Jenni's brother Pedro Rivera Jr expressed:

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