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Rise Of The Apes Coming Earlier Than Planned!

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Ooh! Any excuse to have some seksi James Franco earlier than expected is fine by us!

The upcoming Planet of the Apes prequel/reboot, Rise of the Apes, has been given a few different release dates - originally scheduled for June 24th, before being pushed back to Thanksgiving weekend - but now, 20th Century Fox has once again bumped it up to an August 5th release, marking it as their "last big event movie of the summer!"

The story will allegedly focus on Franco's character in present-day San Francisco, as a scientist attempting to cure Alzheimer's who inadvertantly develops the intelligence in apes, that ultimately leads to the events of the other films!

Excellent! Sounds like it has a lot of promise!

We're definitely interested in checking it out!

What do U think?? Are U excited that Rise of the Apes is coming sooner than originally expected??

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Tom Felton To Star In Rise Of The Apes!


Onto the next fanchise, we see!

Tom Felton, fresh off of his stint as Draco Malfoy in all of the Harry Potter films, has signed on to appear in the new Planet of the Apes prequel, Rise of the Apes - and he'll playing a human!

He explains:

"It's called Rise of The Apes and it is a fantastic story and explanation of how the apes from Planet of the Apes came to power. It's definitely one of the best scripts I've ever read. The first question my friends asked was, 'Are you playing a human?' and when I said yes they were quite disappointed - because they wanted to see me as a monkey. We've got Andy Serkis, from Lord of The Rings, playing the lead ape all with motion capture. It's really pushing the boundaries of Avatar-style CGI, so it's gonna really set a new precedent I think. In the film my character's father owns a primate facility. Of course I'm not the kindest man to my residents and I torture them with a whole host of weapons."

Wow! All of the apes are going to be done in motion capture?!

That's a huge revelation!

This is going to change the entire look of the movie! Let's hope that they don't mess this up, though!

If this CGI isn't done right, this whole thing could be an absolute disaster!

What do U think?? Are U excited for Rise of the Apes??

[Image via WENN.]

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James Gets Down With Some Damn Dirty Apes!

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And Freida Pinto!

Sources are reporting that James Franco is slated to star in a prequel to the classic flick Planet of the Apes called Rise of the Apes. This morning, he got his leading lady!

James will be playing a well-meaning scientist searching for a cure for Alzheimer's by experimenting with apes. Through his work, along with the help of a primatologist played by Freida, one of the apes named Caesar evolves and begins to hatch a plan of world domination by his species.

Anyone else really hoping apes kick the shiz out of James? Someone really should!

Are U excited about this movie?

[Image via WENN.]

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James Franco To Star In Planet Of The Apes Prequel

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He's writing short stories about shitting in moats, going to Yale, returning to General Hospital and now he's starring in Rise of the Apes! Lay off the weed, Franco!

James Franco has signed on to star in Rise of the Apes, a prequel to Planet of the Apes directed by Rupert Wyatt.


The film is set in San Francisco, where a genetic engineering experiment creates apes with astounding intelligence. This causes extreme conflict between the species. Franco will play a scientist who becomes an important figure in the war between humans and apes.

Rise is set for a June 24, 2011 release day and filming begins July 5th.

What's next, sir?!

[Image via WENN.]

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Planet Of The Apes Gets A Prequel!

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Although four sequels followed the original 1968 film, The Planet of the Apes franchise is going to get a prequel!

Director of The Escapist, Rupert Wyatt, will helm the project entitled Planet of the Apes: Caesar.

Production will begin July of this year.

Will U see it?!

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