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How Far Ahead Is Marvel Planning Its Movies? The Answer Will SHOCK You!

marvel studios president kevin feige superhero movies planned years future

With the success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier being a foregone conclusion, it's hardly a surprise Marvel Studios has more super sequels planned than just Avengers.

And it's not just sequels!

President Kevin Feige says that even without getting back the movie rights to Spider-Man and X-Men (owned by Sony and FOX, respectively), Marvel has enough new characters to keep superhero cinema fresh for years to come.

In fact, they already have their movies planned for YEARS in advance! Kevin has a map in his office showing all the studio's movie plans ahead. And it goes FAR. He said:

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Paula Deen Reportedly Lands $75 Million "Comeback Deal!" Is The Public Ready Though??

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paula deen 75 mil comback

$75 Million??

That's a whole lotta butter!

Paula Deen is really hoping it's time to get back into the spotlight — you know, because she was making a TON of money, and when you go through a major scandal you really don't make as much!

Well, that time could be upon us: she just got a cash infusion worth at least $75 million from

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Jessica Simpson's Jimmy Kimmel Live Slip-Up PLANNED?!

We just LOVED when Jessica Simpson accidentally revealed to Jimmy Kimmel she was having a boy!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) if you haven't seen the HIGHlarious wiener line yet!

But according to a source close to the Simpsons (Ned Flanders, maybe?), that wasn't a case of "pregnancy brain"- it was a PR stunt!

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Megan Fox's Baby Bump Has Been A Long Time Coming

Megan Fox planned pregnancy with husband

Although tremendously happy for her, we were caught a little off guard when we heard that Megan Fox was having a baby girl with Brian Austin Green.

It was no accident though

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Christopher Nolan Knew The Ending To The Dark Knight Rises Before Batman Begins!

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Christopher Nolan planned dark knight rises ending years ago

Christopher Nolan gave fans a chance to watch the first few minutes of The Dark Knight Rises last December in IMAX theaters, but it sounds like the LAST few minutes are going to blow us away.

It turns out that the director knew the ending to his Batman trilogy before he even began filming Batman Begins.

Screenwriter David S. Goyer revealed in a recent interview that the last scene in the upcoming movie is one he and Nolan envisioned YEARS ago, explaining:

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Columbia Prepares For Beyoncé's 4 To Flop…By Reuniting Destiny's Child?!


Uh-oh! They're already doing damage control!

Columbia Records is reportedly concerned with Beyoncé, because her latest album, 4, isn't as commercial and radio-friendly as they'd like it to be, and she's refused to make any alterations or record new material!

And apparently, they think that the solution to rejuvenating her career is to reunite Destiny's Child!

A source explains:

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Kim Kardashian Wants To Get Married In Two Months!

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We wouldn't expect her to be the type to but this sort of thing on the backburner!

Kim Kardashian and her man, Kris Humphries, only just announced their engagement, but it appears as though the couple will be tying the knot sooner rather than later, in about two months!

A source close to Kim or probably just Kim herself reveals:

"The wedding is going to be at the end of July or the beginning of August. The reason they're rushing it is because they want to do it before the basketball season starts again, so that they have time to have a romantic honeymoon! She wants it to be very traditional, huge and formal."

Ohh boy. Guess someone wants to ride on the publicity coattails that were built up and left over by the royal wedding!

And why shouldn't she?

Everyone knows that the Kardashians might as well be the Royal family…of the E! network, anyway! LOLz!

Congratulations, guys! Can't wait to see what this ceremony ends up looking like!

[Image via WENN.]

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