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Reggie Bush Is Dating A Shannon Twin!

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Reggie Bush Shannon Sisters

Reggie Bush must have a thing for look-a-likes.

Last we heard he was dating a girl who looked strikingly similar to his ex, Kim Kardashian, but NOW sources tell FitPerez he has moved on to yet ANOTHER look-a-like.

The New Orleans Saints' player is currently dating one of the Shannon twins, Karissa or Kristina, who became famous after dating Hugh Hefner before he got serious with runaway bride Crystal Harris.

Despite recently moving back into the Playboy Mansion to keep Hugh Hefner company in the absence of a blond and bronzed girlfriend, one of the identical twins has been seen going in and out of Reggie's El Lay abode!

Which twin was it and how does Hef feel about one of them galavanting around with another man only weeks after moving back into his home?

So scandalous!

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Playboy Twins Move Back Into The Mansion

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Seems like Hef's broken heart is recovering rather quickly!

Just days after his fiance Crystal Harris dumped him and moved out of the mansion, it seems that a couple of Hef's favorite ladies have already moved in to take her place.

Playboy twins, and Hef's exes, Karissa and Kristina Shannon have moved back IN to the mansion a year and a half after moving out.

In fact, it seems that Karissa has broken up with Sam Jones III so that she and her twin sis could go back to Hef.

Hmm, well, that didn't take too long. Guess Hef needs all the support he can get to mend that broken heart.

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Hugh Hefner's Fiancee Crystal Harris Bails! Is The Wedding Off???

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Uh-oh! Call the police E! camera crews! We've got a runaway bride!

Five days before Hugh Hefner was poised to walk down the aisle a third time, his fiancee has reportedly left the Playboy Mansion for good and the wedding is said to be OFF!

According to sources who live at the mansion, Crystal Harris and Hef got into a

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Hot Tub Bacteria Responsible For Fever Outbreak At Playboy Mansion

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Hugh Hefner hot tub fever

Most people that party at the Playboy Mansion are struck with hot tub fever, however, an unlucky few literally got a fever one of the mansion's hot tubs.

Back in February, 170 people reportedly fell ill with symptoms of Pontiac fever, a milder version of Legionnaire's disease, after attending a fundraiser at the Playboy Mansion.

While there was speculation that the outbreak originated at Hugh Hefner's estate, Los Angeles County health officials say the bacteria that causes the disease was, in fact, found in a hot tub at the Playboy Mansion.

The legionella bacteria found causes an acute respiratory infection with symptoms including fever and headache.

Let's hope Heff called in the pool boys CDC to take care of that bacteria, while those affected should rest assured they only caught a fever instead of something they couldn't throw back.

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Friends Of Charlie Sheen Say He's Been Off For Awhile

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charlie sheen downward spiral for months

In fact, for the last few months, they've been fearful for his life!

Several sources close to Charlie Sheen were not surprised by what went down this morning at the Plaza Hotel. These friends have confessed that Charlie has been hanging out with some "bad people" as of late and alleged he's returned to having substance abuse problems since August.

It was shortly after he entered his guilty plea in the Aspen domestic violence case and got a slap on the wrist that he was spotted drinking again at the Playboy mansion. From there, friends allege he has been "a tortured soul for months" and insist that they've been waiting for his lifestyle to take a tragic turn for the worse.

Well, if this mornings activities is any indication of what's been going on in his life, we're about to fear the same thing.

But he has to want to help himself and he's been given so many chances to do so. When is enough enough?

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Ron Jeremy Claims Charlie Sheen Was Sober At The Playboy Mansion


Well, how comforting!

Instead of getting incoherently drunk, he probably just had lots of nasty sex with anonymous women! Because he doesn't have a problem with excess or anything, right?

This past week, Charlie Sheen somehow escaped jail and significant rehab time and made his way to the Playboy mansion to celebrate, but don't worry, folks, because according to pornstar Ron Jeremy, the scumbag stayed completely sober!

How nice! What an effort that must have been!


Oh well, we'll sure it will only be a matter of time before he falls off the wagon or pulls some other despicable shiz that will land him back in court!


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Forget Promises! Charlie Sheen Recoups At The Playboy Mansion!

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Right now, we were hoping to hear about Charlie Sheen working on some intense therapy in rehab or better still, pacing the cement floor of a prison cell.

And yet, even though he was found guilty of attacking his wife, Charlie is a free man and where he wants to hang out is the only place in the world where girls will flock to you no matter what your race, age, size or coherency - the Playboy Mansion!

Charlie's wild night at the mansion was perfectly timed as Hugh Hefner hosted his annual Midsummer's Night Dream pAArty on Saturday. The get-out-of-jail free bird caused a lot of chatter when his impromptu visit was overshadowed by the red silk and paisley robe he was wearing.

A witness at the party said that the outfit worked with the ladies as a "bevy of beauties" were all over him from the moment he arrived.

We think Charlie has certainly learned a valuable lesson from all this.

We just have no idea what that could be.

[Image via WENN.]

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