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Pee-Wee's Playhouse Might Return To TV!

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Paul Reubens knows you are, but what is he? Well, easy question, he's Pee-wee Herman of course! But Paul also knows something that you might not know.

In a recent interview, Paul mentioned that the 15-time Emmy award winning kid's show, Pee-wee's Playhouse, might in fact get a reboot, which could potentially be an update on the Playhouse, although it could be something completely new, too!

We just hope characters like Chairry, Pterri, and Jambi, make a comeback as well. And Pee-wee's a-dork-able laugh! Heh heh!

Pee-wee himself wouldn't offer any more sweet deets regarding the show, but said that it will "likely happen next year."

Next year really can't come soon enough because we miss that red bow tie!

[Image via Ivan NikolovWENN.]

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Rihanna & Chris Brown Barely Miss Brutal Nightclub Run-In!

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chris brown rihanna nightclub run in

Hollywood is even smaller than we thought!

Even though there are TOO many nightclubs in El Lay to count, Rihanna and Chris Brown just barely missed a face-to-face post-breakup encounter on Thursday at Playhouse.

YUP. That could've been awkward — especially since Chris was there was none other than Karrueche Tran!

Thankfully, Chris and Karrueche made an exit after he got a *cough* coincidental text message just five minutes before RiRi's glam arrival.

It was only a matter of time since Rihanna is FINALLY back in town after her epic world tour.

Thank goodness Chris got a heads up and was smart enough to head out.

We couldn't even BEGIN to imagine the dramz if they would've actually run into each other!

[Image via WENN.]

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Rihanna Goes Commando To The Club

rihanna sheer side dress no panties

No panties, baby! NONE!

That's how Rihanna rolled up to Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood on Thursday night. Bless her for it! She truly never disappoints.

The 25-year-old's seksi black T by Alexander Wang dress featured sheer mesh side panels and sheer midriff, which she wore with Rihanna for River Island sandals.

Somebody grab a fire extinguisher because that's HOT!

And remember when we said that RiRi would most likely be able to pull off her new jeri curl 'do? Well, we were right.

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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Rihanna goes commando at Playhouse nightclub in HollywoodRihanna goes commando at Playhouse nightclub in HollywoodRihanna goes commando at Playhouse nightclub in HollywoodRihanna goes commando at Playhouse nightclub in HollywoodRihanna goes commando at Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood

Chris Brown's Glasses Lend Air Of Sophistication To Shirtless Hollywood Rampage! See Pics HERE!

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chris brown shirtless glasses playhouse sighting

Let's be honest…

After Breezy's recent unexpected Twitter #outburst, we've hit a point where the musician perhaps incapable of shocking us!

He could staple his bare feet to two prime ribs and trek across the snow-dusted Alaskan wilderness, we wouldn't be fazed one bit.

So we weren't super SHOCKED when cameras caught a curiously bespectacled Chris Brown poppin' bottles at Hollywood's Playhouse recently, sporting a Kangol-style hat, a leather jacket, two lovely pieces of arm candy, and

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chris brown playhouse2chris brown playhouse 6 13

Lessons From Chris Brown On How To Avoid Conflict! Quote Of The Day!

chris brown qotd

"It's L.A., brother. You just gotta keep your head down and keep walking!"

- Chris Brown, on the importance of keeping cool during confrontation, in response to his heckler outside of the Playhouse Wednesday night.

[Image via WENN.]

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Drake Escapes Potential SECOND Nightclub Brawl With Chris Brown!

drake vs chris brown

Talk about a CLOSE CALL!

The LAST thing either of these two needs right now is an encore performance of THAT mess!

As everyone knows, Chris Brown and Drake have not even come CLOSE to kissing and making up after their feud - and glass bottle-throwing - turned the W.i.P. nightclub into a war zone, ultimately leaving multiple innocent people injured…and the pair suing each other over who started the fight to begin with!

Well, history came thisclose to repeating itself Wednesday night at the Playhouse in Hollywood, when Drizzy Drake arrived to do some pre-Valentine's Day drinking around midnight but was TURNED AWAY at the door!

Why? Because

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Rihanna & Chris Brown IGNORE Each Other At Night Club! Is This FINALLY The End?!

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rihanna ignored by chris brown nightclub grammys

How DARE Breezy diss the Queen of No F*ckery! Not that she gives a f*ck

Despite being all cuddly in public during Sunday's Grammys AND attending a Grammys after party together, it seems Rihanna and Chris Brown's strained relationship may finally be splitting at the seams!

The pair were individually invited to a VIP event at Playhouse nightclub in LA Wednesday…

And according to a party insider, they arrived separately (above), REFUSED to acknowledge each other, AND Chris was making a spectacle of himself RIGHT in RiRi's face!

The insider reveals:

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