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Macaulay Culkin's Octo-Mom's Home Alone Porn Trailer Released

Octo-Mom is back, but this time she doesn't have a shirt!

The wannabe adult video star's self pleasure video is coming out tomorrow, and in the meanwhile, the company who produced the porno has released the trailer for the movie ironically titled Home Alone.

Hopefully, she makes some bank from this venture because we all know that she seriously needs it!

This film clip looks…interesting, to say the least.

Check it out if you dare, but heed our WARNING! This video is seriously NSFW!

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Justin Bieber Finds Philanthropy Pleasurable

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What does Justin Bieber do to bring himself pleasure?


He loves to help others because he

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Joe Jonas: Topless And Sweaty!

Joe Jonas Topless

You don't have to sit there actin' like you've never wanted to see this!!

Go ahead, geek out!

We're not even sure you're reading this while that picture is there for your pleasure (above).

… If you are, you must be mad, because that's Joe Jonas topless and wearing a fedora during David Guetta at Coachella!


Feel free to look all day, if you want! Ha!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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Here Are Some Guilty Pleasures You Shouldn't Feel So Guilty About!

Filed under: Exclusives!FoodAdviceLisa DeFazio

Ahhh, guilty pleasures.

The worst part is that they make you feel guilty, no?

Well, check out this video from Lisa DeFazio where she talks a little bit about a few guilty pleasures that maybe you shouldn't stop indulging!

Though, we'll reiterate again — everything in moderation!

Thanks, Lisa! So helpful!

Enjoy, guys!

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Ice Cream Can Affect The Brain The Same Way Addictive Drugs Do

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Haagen Dazs

A recent study involving 151 teenagers has proven that ice cream, specifically Häagen Dazs, shares "addictive-like properties" with illegal drugs like cocaine.

After questioning their eating habits, scientists at the Oregon Research Institute used a Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine (fMRI) to scan the brains of 14 and 16-year-old kids as they were shown pictures of delicious chocolate milkshakes.

They were then given the pictured Häagen Dazs milkshake. While every participant desired to have the milkshake, the brain scans revealed that those who ate ice cream more often in past weeks enjoyed eating it less.

Lead researcher Dr. Kyle Burger explained his findings by saying:

"This down-regulation pattern is seen with frequent drug use, where the more an individual uses the drug, the less reward they receive from using it. This tolerance is thought to increase use, or eating, because the individual trying to achieve the previous level of satisfaction. Repeated, overconsumption of high-fat or high-sugar foods may alter how the brain responds to those foods in a way that perpetuates further intake."

Basically, just like drug addicts are constantly chasing the euphoria they felt the first time they experienced the addictive drug, some ice cream eaters may be doing the same by "continually trying to match the earlier experience."

Addiction will not affect everyone in the same manner, however, as Dr. Burger continued:

“Some individuals may frequently eat ice cream or other high-fat/high-sugar foods and show no characteristics of addiction, while others may develop an addictive like relationship with food. Some people will try smoking, drinking or gambling, but not develop an addiction. We often joke and say ‘I wouldn't say food is addictive, but I hear some people can't live without it’.”

More research is needed into the the correlation between our brain and food intake, but Dr. Burger concluded that the brains of those regularly eating more ice cream than others release a lower amount of dopamine, a chemical associated with pleasure. To make up for this biological reaction, participants felt they needed to eat more ice cream, a habit that could lead to obesity.

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Study Explains Why It's So Hard To Stop Drinking

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Heavy Drinking study

Alcoholism isn't an easy thing to overcome and, recently, science has figured out why.

In a study involving heavy drinkers and light drinkers, researchers discovered that those who drink heavier on a regular basis get more enjoyment from alcohol.

Boozing is known to trigger the release of naturally occurring opioids in the brain's reward centers, but heavy drinkers' brains release more of this chemical in the orbital frontal cortex and the nucleus accumbens after just a single drink.

Since people experience the release of opioids differently, some perceive alcohol to be more pleasurable than others and yearn to feel that rush of pleasure again.

In effect, heavy drinkers may subconsciously crave alcohol more than others do, which makes it harder for them to stop drinking.

This is exactly why it's so important to get help if you think you have a drinking problem! Your brain is wired to continue the cycle, so you'll need another brain to help you discover the determination to stop it!

[Image via WENN.]

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Do Only Humans Have Sex For Pleasure??

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Humans have a lot of sex.

Some more than others.

Compared to other species, humans have sex for more than just reproduction and (sometimes) for more than just the sheer pleasure of it.

Science has long studied sex, and tried to figure out why it is so pleasurable. We can only assume if sex didn't feel good, then why would anyone do it?

So then, maybe all animals are having sex for pleasure?

One thing that many studies have looked at is the frequency of masturbation in different species.

A surprising amount of animals bop their bologna.

Masturbation has been seen in dogs, horses, birds, walruses, squirrels, sheep, turtles, bears, elephants and porcupines.


What science has found, is that these animals extremely rarely ever "get off."

Researchers believe it's the human ability to "form mental representations of erotic material" that allows us to reach a climax so often.

When it comes to sex (with another, not just yourself) the rumors are true for the most part that dolphins and bonobo chimps are mainly the only other animals that have sex even when the female isn't in "heat."

So even though sex may seem relatively animalistic, it's actually one of the more human things you can do.

So get out there and be human! (Consensual humans, please.)

[Image via AP Images.]

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