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Paradise Lost Again! Production Entirely SCRAPPED!

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Wow! This is pretty shocking, considering the recent comments Bradley Cooper made!

The actor was expected to play Lucifer in an epic, big budget adaptation of John Milton's Paradise Lost by Alex Proyas, and although there had been delays over budgets issues, he recently stated that production was starting back up again!


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New The Raven Movie Poster Released!

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John Cusack stars as the lowly Edgar Allan Poe in the upcoming flick, The Raven.

Only this time…Edgar Allan Poe is kicking tail?!

The movie shows a serial killer murdering his victims by what Poe writes. The author works with a young detective to solve the case!

The film's helmer, James McTeigue, said the following on the upcoming flick:

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Rage Against The Machine's Zack De La Rocha Pens A Poem For Occupy Wall Street

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rage against the machine zack de la roacha occupy wall street

Zack de la Rocha is a man who clearly has some questions for the government. His band is even named after it! C'mon. Rage Against The Machine? How much more obvious can you get?

But his activism isn't just for show. After he heard the news of police evicting Occupy Wall Street on Mayor Bloomberg's command, he began penning a poem for the protestors.

Read it in full (or say it out loud, it's prettier that way):

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Jimmy Stewart’s Poem To His Dog

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We recommend having some tissues handy.

When Jimmy Stewart was on The Tonight Show in 1981, he read a poem he wrote to his dog, Beau.

According to the book Why We Love the Dogs We Do, by Stanley Coren, Stewart loved dogs, but had an especially powerful bond with his dog Beau.

To read how close Stewart was with Beau, read more after the jump…

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Recites Her Poem About Bin Laden

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Guess that's one way to tell children who Osama Bin Laden is…

Check out the video (above) of Elisabeth Hasselbeck reciting a poem that she wrote for her children about Bin Laden, in case they ever ask her about him.

Here are the lyrics to her poem:

Osama Bin Laden was a very bad guy,
He hurt many people - don't ask me why,
We shot him in the head and now he is dead -
Now close your eyes and go to bed.

What do U think of Elisabeth Hasselbeck's poem about Bin Laden?

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