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Oops! Are Those Kate Middleton's Wedding Vows???

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kate middleton royal wedding vows may have been revealed

What have you got there, Kate? Could that be part of your wedding vows???

Check out the photo (above) of a piece of paper from the back of Kate Middleton's car, which has got some poetic writing on it.

While it's not 100% clear, one of the lines on the piece of paper seems to read as follows:

"With so much love within our hearts."

Def sounds to us like this could be an indicator that William and Kate wrote their vows themselves.

Guess we'll find out soon!

Do U think we're getting a glimpse at marriage vows? Or is it something else?

P.S. Be sure to watch Perez as he hosts with Nene Leakes "Will + Kate Forever," the only royal wedding special worth seeing, airing Friday, April 29th at 7pm/6c on Wedding Central and also at 9pm/8c on WE tv.

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Russell Brand Takes A Tunnel To Another World Every Time He Kisses Katy Perry!

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How romantic! Not that we expected him to say anything negative!

Russell Brand once again opened up about his marriage to Katy Perry, and had a pretty poetic description of what it's like to kiss the pop star!

When speaking about her lips, he reveals:

"They are a conduit to paradise, a tunnel to another world. They are redemption, salvation, glory, poetry!"

Ha! Well, shiz!

Isn't that so sweet that you just want to gag?! And then give her lips a test run yourself to confirm that his description is on par?!

You guys keep on enjoying that tunnel!


[Image via WENN.]

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And Now, A Reading From A Book Of Poetry By Charlie Sheen - For Real!

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Oh, if we'd only known back then, we would have bought a copy for each and every one of you.

Did you know that besides being an actor/warlock, Charlie Sheen is also a poet? Course you did! This is the man that inspired us with the phrase, "Can't is the cancer of happen," not too long ago.

But did you know that in 1990, he self-published his own book of poetry??? Oh yes, it happened!

Now, unfortunately, the book, called A Peace of My Mind, (Clever!) has since gone out-of-print, so Amazon won't be able to help you. However, we've got a little taste of Charlie's moving words for you here.

As it turns out, Charlie's book was illustrated by director Adam Rifkin. The pair ended up collaborating with Charlie's poetry again, when Adam used Charlie's sweet words for the trailer of his terrifying film Tale of Two Sisters. Never heard of it? Then consider yourself warned because this is some dark, creeper-infested John Waters territory you are about to head into.

You can listen to Charlie read his poetry and subject yourself to night terrors by watching the trailer HERE, but for the rest of you, allow us to share you his words. With his awe-inspiring tiger blood quill pen, Charlie wrote:

Afternoon chaos turned to laughter,
As the lady in grey pierces the surface of the private aquarium,
Peach body held tight by the warmth of day,
Eyes fixed to locate, steady flow consumed,
A charred eruption takes suddenly the safety from her glow.
No place to hide, clear water raging black,
Looking hard for shallow hope, it’s gone, she consumed it.
Mascara bleeding, eyes of fire turned to stone,
Forced smile fading, laughing jackal breaks the leash.

Cue the chills!

P.S. - Does anyone else need anymore evidence that this dude is unstable???

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"Un-Happy Anniversary" From Leona's Ex

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Looks like Leona Lewis' ex Lou Al-Chamaa is not taking their anniversary as a single man very well.

He seems to be in a depressing funk, tweeting some pretty dark and cryptic messages on his Twitter, writing:

Took something perfect & painted it Red..

Un-happy anniversary…

What we don't understand, we fear & what we fear, we try and destroy…

Writing deep dark disturbing poetry.. Any publishers out there?

Chin up, buddy. Who knows? Maybe you can make big bucks writing poetry for jilted ex-lovers.

P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!

[Image via Matrix Photos.]

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Christmas Will Never Be The Same Again, And You Can Blame Khia!


That 'Thug Misses' Khia has such a way with words!

The rapper recently decided that her sex life was worth discussing, and treated the world to a very explicit, detailed description of her top three ways to get down!

Our favorite is number two, but pick for yourself:

1) "Plain sex is so boring. Get all dressed up [for him]. Roleplay is the ultimate. Everyone’s into this threesome thing, but there’s no way there’s going to be another woman with my man because I’ma beat you and drag you. So ladies play different women so you can keep your man excited. Try different wigs [or] dress up like a maid. I love fishnets and having sex in heels. Guys always go to the strip club because you bitches are boring in the bedroom. Turn into the stripper for your guy. If he comes home and you got those heels on and it’s late, he knows what time it is. You know I got a pole in my house—I got a portable pole (laughs). Have on something sexy and just seduce him. Go to portablepole.com, it’ll pop up."

2) "Don’t be scared to bring candies and toys into the bedroom. Some guys are jealous of dildos because of the size, so what I did to kind of ease [my ex-husband] is introduce him to jumbo candy canes that they give at Christmas time. I like that better because number one, it doesn’t look like a penis that’s bigger than him, so he won’t be jealous. Plus, it makes the vagina taste wonderful and the peppermint makes it tingle a little bit when he blows. It’s good when he’s giving you head; it looks fun and kiddie-like going in, so he’s not intimidated."

3) "Blindfolding is also good, and handcuffs too. You can get all kinds of games where you roll the dice and one side says ‘blow me, kiss me’… I like all that kinky stuff. But you better not whip me!"

Goodness gracious, everything she writes is poetry to our ears!

We think gurl needs to start an advice column! The world needs your wisdom, Khia!

Please, keep it coming! Don't disappoint us!

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Bill Murray Is A Fan Of Poetry - And Construction Workers!

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