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GaGa's Polaroid Camera Coming Next Year!

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And we can't wait!

Lady GaGa will be debuting her first creation since she was named the creative director at Polaroid Imaging Products.

In 2011, we will finally see the new Gagaliciously-designed analog Polaroid camera and from what sources say, it sounds amazing!

UK MD Graeme Chapman described the product, saying, "Obviously, the design's pretty wacky but it'll definitely appeal to her fans, and with over 10 million of them on Facebook, we're pretty sure this will do well."

Faboosh! Will U buy it??

[Image via WENN.]

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Lady GaGa In The Museum!

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Lady GaGa appeared in Boston yesterday for the unveiling of her exclusive Polaroid photo to be housed in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology museum. She was named as creative director for Polaroid back in January.

The MIT museum has recently acquired thousands of Polaroid inventions and products, including the camera that was used to take the photo of GaGa.

Hot picture, Gagaloo!

[Image via AP Images/Bizu/WENN.]

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Long Live Your Old Polaroid Camera!

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It no longer has to collect dust in the attic! You can buy film for it once again!!!

Polaroid enthusiasts will be happy to know that while they still have to wait for the company to release their new line of instant film cameras, a new company has now made available film for the older models. And it's some good shiz!

In the Netherlands, The Impossible Project is now producing film for SX-70 cameras made in the '70s along with 600-series film for more recent models. Each film pack will allow you to take eight black-and-white images and will cost $21 per pack. The black-and-white will start shipping by the end of this week, while color film won't be available until the summer time.

For the time being, you can only order the film at the company's website, but the company is looking to make it available at some stores soon.

Happy now, camera geeks?