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Miley Cyrus Punched A Dude In Bar Brawl?!


It was a drama stuffed weekend for a certain MileyBird!!!

Not only did her scissor-weilding stalker show up outside her home, some dude filed a police report Sunday morning accusing Miley Cyrus of criminal battery!

If this IS legit, then that is SO NOT pretty cool!!! But we have our reservations…

Apparently, the supposed victim of Miley's wayward fists claims he and some friends were enjoying an evening at

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Burglar Broke Into Steve Jobs' Home Without Knowing It Belonged To The Apple Mogul!

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A 35-year-old burglar broke into a memorabilia gold mine in Palo Alto, California on July 17 and didn't even know it!

Alameda resident Kariem McFarlin was arrested on August 2 after stealing over $60,000 worth of "computers and personal items" from Steve Jobs!

He's facing a maximum prison sentence of seven years and eight months as a result, but did not target the "1930s brick-and-slate country cottage" because of its famous owner.

In fact, he only realized where he was once he

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Another Day, Another Hit-And-Run From Amanda Bynes!


Is it just us or is this becoming a bit of a pattern? Ha!

Amanda Bynes has once again accused of a hit-and-run after reportedly rear-ending an El Lay woman, and then taking off when she realized she was going to have to exchange insurance information!

The woman, identified only as Kisa, filed a police report yesterday explaining the entire ordeal!

Apparently, Bynes

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Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Are MARRIED! According To A Police Report!

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds Fourth Of July Baby Bump

What!?! But we didn't even have time to think of a gift!

According to a police report filed July 8, Ryan Reynolds is married!

Ryan called the cops to complain about a photographer, and the cop wrote in the statement that Ryan and his wife claimed to be victims of an aggressive photog.

He refers to the woman (whose name has been redacted) as Ryan's wife twice in the report, and Blake Lively had been seen

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Sherri Shepherd Takes A Stand Against Cyber Bullies!

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Sherri Shepherd Twitter Bullies

These days, people can write just about ANYTHING they want on social networking sites, and now, The View’s Sherri Shepherd is taking a stand and refusing to back down!

Yesterday, Sherri took to Twitter to retweet some downright threatening messages she had received…all from some cowards hiding behind their computers!

One of the disturbing tweets from user @DaCloneKiller read:

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Lindsay Lohan Accuses Her Accuser!

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Lilo is going Nancy Drew on this girl’s *ss!

Go girl! Prove your innocence! (Well,of this assault charge…not, you know, in life).

After being slapped with a physical assault accusation from a woman claiming Lindsay Lohan pushed and shoved her at the Standard hotel in LA this past Thursday night, Lindsay has decided to ask authorites to investigate the claim.

Did you know filing a false police report is a crime in CA and punishiable by up to 6 months in jail? Lindsay does!

The little redhead that could says

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Chris Brown's Disturbing 2009 Search Warrant/Affidavit/Police Report Is Here

chris brown documents released

Deplorable isn't even a strong enough word.

Earlier today, we learned some very disturbing newly revealed details of Chris Brown's 2009 assault on Rihanna.

Now, we've gotten a hold of the full search warrant/affidavit/police report (below)

Check it out…if you've got the stomach for it. Truly horrendous.

[Image via WENN.]

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