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EXCLUSIVE: Ali Landry's Post-Pregnancy Workout Tips!

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Perezitos' contributor, actress and all-around awesome mommy Ali Landry knows a thing or two about getting back in shape after giving birth.

Being an actress, she's required to bounce back to her pre-pregnancy body in a short amount of time.

So, how DOES she do it, anyway?

Ali exclusively shares her post-pregger exercise tips that will give you a bangin' body back in time!

She says:

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Looking red hot, Beyonce stepped out Monday night, showing off her seksi new post-pregnancy bod. She came out to support her husband Jay-Z during his concert at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

This was Bey's first public appearance since giving birth to The Chosen One, Blue Ivy Carter.

She wore a gorgeous figure-hugging red dress by Alice Temperley and Louboutin heels and she looked AMAZING! This woman just give birth A MONTH AGO.

During Jigga's 90-minute set, he performed Glory, his song dedicated to his baby girl. Afterwards, he told the crowd:

"I didn't think I was gonna make it through that one. That was tough."

Awwww. We would have loved to seen that.

Now, when can we meet the little princess?? We're dying over here!!

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EXCLUSIVE: Ali Landry's Tips To Cope With Post-Pregnancy Pain

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Giving birth is one of the most painful and challenging things a human being can endure.

The toll it takes on a woman's body is immeasurable. And the last thing women want to do after giving birth is carry around an 8-pound baby.

But there are ways to cope with getting over the soreness and alleviating the pain, particularly in your back.

Thankfully, our Perezitos.com celeb contributor Ali Landry has some wonderful chiropractic tips for new moms.

Ali says:

You would think that after giving birth, the worst pain would be over. That is true to some extent, but that doesn’t mean we are completely out of the woods. No matter how tiny they may be, holding a baby for great part of the day can take a toll on your back.

Not to mention all the bending down to change diapers, dress, bathe, feed, etc. The constant strain and extra weight you’re carrying around can cause back pain and achy joints, which is just about the last thing you need right now. I myself suffered from these inconvenient ailments, so I turned to my chiropractor Dr. Elliot Berlin for some tips on how to both prevent and alleviate the pain.

If you’re already experiencing soreness, Dr. Berlin recommends massages and chiropractic adjustments to help loosen tight muscles and restore motion, as well as overall relaxation. Good hydration is also key as dry muscles become stiff and spasm, so keep that water bottle nearby at all times. And make sure to take a multivitamin with minerals, especially if you’re nursing. Babies suck out a lot of nutrients that your muscles need to relax.

As for preventive measures, Dr. Berlin emphasizes the importance of stretching regularly. Posture is also essential, so you might want to look at yourself in the mirror when holding your child to make sure that you are not bending significantly to one side with your hip closing in on your shoulder. This will cause muscles to tighten on one side and weaken on the other.

Examine your posture when breastfeeding, too, to make sure you’re not slumping. If you are, add a back support pillow and sit with your knees slightly higher than your hips to keep the hip joints open.

Finally – and you may not like this, but it’s really important – wear supportive shoes! This is just one of those times when fashion has to take a backseat.

Such great advice! And Ali's right. Being a new mom isn't about being a fashionista. It's about being comfortable, energized, and ready to go at a moment's notice.

And don't forget to keep up with Ali via Twitter @AliLandry and @SpokesMoms.

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Hilary Duff's Post Preggers Plans

Hilary Duff's Post Preggers Plans

After Hilary Duff is done making a baby she's gonna go back to making music!

The 5-month pregnant 24-year-old has announced her plans to hit the studio after the baby is born. Hil said:

"I want to get into the studio. I want to start recording. Even if I just mess around and kind of get myself in the swing of it. Before I got pregnant I was thinking about making a record so I still want to do that."

As excited as we are to hear talk of a new Duff album, we feel her timing is a little off. Shouldn't she be trying to cut an album before she becomes a mommy?

Not to worry, Hilary has the prefect parenting plan!

"I think that after I have the baby I'll want to sit still for a few months and learn how to be a really good mom and then there's no reason why I can't put a record out and tour."

FLAWLESS! We all know it only takes a few moths to learn how to be a "really good mom," so it sounds like she has the whole thing figured out!

After the perfect parenting and the tour Mrs. Duff is gonna go back to mothering write another novel!

"I have like four dogs so I have this funny story in my head about their whole dynamic together living in the same house, she said. I thought it would make a really cute child's novel."

JOEMYGAWD! How much free time does she think she's gonna have??

We support her plan (for now), but we'll see how she feels after see spends some time with her baby.

[Image via WENN.]

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Not All Celeb Moms Feel The Need To Hide Their Baby Weight

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And why should they??

Some celebrity moms have no problem showing what they got post-pregnancy.

There seems to be such a huge pressure in Hollywood for women to keep it all in when the world knows they just gave birth!

Here's a list of moms who have no problem letting it all hang out!

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EXCLUSIVE: How To Get Your Pre-Preggers Tummy Back

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Hey, new moms!

Celebrity trainer and wellness expert, Mike Donavanik, has a quick fitness tip to help you get back into your old (or even better) body!

This core move is especially important to those who had a C-section because your stomach muscles were cut and you need to rebuild your tummy strength!

Not a new mom? That's fine!

This simple can help all of us looking to tighten up our mid-section!

For more post-pregnangy workout tips follow @MikeDonavakik on Twitter!

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Stars Without Makeup: Christina Applegate

stars without makeup christina aguilera

Christina Applegate was seen stopping by a Beverly Hills doctor's office yesterday, and she's looking great!

Given the fact that she JUST had a baby and is sans makeup, we're impressed.

Post-pregnancy life seems to be agreeing with her.

Hope everything went well at the doctor's, Christina!

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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