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Miranda Lambert Shares Some Secret Food Swaps That Helped Her Lose 40 Pounds!

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Miranda Lambert found some tasty replacement foods for the diet that helped her lose 40 pounds!

Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that one of the hardest parts of dieting is giving up the unhealthy, greasy goods we love so much!

Miranda Lambert learned this the hard way but saw FANTASTIC results when she had to give up her beloved Cheetos to achieve her 40 pound weight loss!

Well the country goddess had to give up a few more foods for her diet, but she managed to find yummy and healthy alternatives for each thing she gave up!

We've already heard about her low calorie

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Jennifer Lawrence Can't Get Enough Of Pizza, Buffalo Wings & Potatoes!!

jennifer lawrence loves carbs(1)

Jennifer Lawrence may have a smoking hawt bod, but you better believe that she doesn't starve herself to maintain it!!

This is very surprising, but according to the Silver Linings Playbook actress, she likes to chow down on “anything fried and carbs.”

Miz Lawrence admitted:

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EXCLUSIVE Nutrition Tips For Parents: Foods That Help Your Eyeballs!

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Margaux's Nutrition Nibble

Yummy for my tummy eyes!

Perezitos.com nutrition expert Perezitos's nutrition expert Margaux J. Rathbun has some tips that will keep your kiddies look'n good, literally!!

Here is Marg's tip:

"As your child grows up, it’s important that you pay attention to foods that promote healthy eyes and vision. Vitamin A is important to maintaining good eye health, especially for growing kids!

Foods like

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EXCLUSIVE! Nutrition Tips for Parents: Sweet Potatoes for Sweet Health

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Margaux's Nutrition Nibble

Put some vitamins into your side-dish!

Here's another delish quick tip from Perezitos's nutrition expert Margaux!!

We all know kids can be SUPER picky about food. It's easy to serve mashed potatoes, French fries, and pasta with your meals — but Margaux says there's a starch that is just as yummy as it is healthy!

She says:

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EXCLUSIVE: How To Get Your Kids To Eat Their Veggies

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Margaux's Nutrition Nibble

Q&A with Margaux!!

Do you have a picky eater in your household?

Does the sight of veggies send your kids (or spouse) running for their rooms?

Perezitos' wellness expert Margaux has some great ideas to end the battle of the vegetables. She says:

When it comes to mealtime, don't heap the veggies onto your child's plate. Serve them in small portions because this seems less intimidating. You can also bring out the vegetables as a "first course" meal, in the form of a fresh salad or soup. Try to include vegetables with every meal possible so your child will get use to the idea of how important it is to eat them.

For breakfast, have a small side of potatoes or tomatoes with their eggs. For lunch, include a fresh avocado or some cucumber slices. Encourage your child to snack on vegetables by making your own kale chips or vegetables dipped in homemade hummus. You can also incorporate vegetables into your daily smoothies and mask their flavor by adding lots of berries and citrus fruits.

Great ideas!

Fallow these tips and you'll be sure to keep everyone in your family filled with all the vitamins and minerals.

For more of her tips, click HERE!

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Starch Loving Kids Rejoice! Now Schools Can Legally Serve Kids As Many Potatoes As They Want!

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The icky mean American government wanted to keep kids "healthy" by limiting the number of servings of potatoes school cafeterias could give elementary aged kids. BOO!!

Thankfully, the potato

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USDA Might Ban Potatoes From School Breakfast

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USDA Ban Potatoes From Schools

Potatoes are delicious. It's a shame they aren't amazing for us past pretty small doses. But that's just it: they are pretty good for us when eaten in moderation!

And that's why Susan Collins is working her hardest to get some respect back for potatoes before the USDA bans them completely from school breakfasts!

"I certainly agree that french fries is not the healthiest choice, but a baked potato can be a good source of potassium for our children."

The new guidelines from the USDA would all but kick the potato out of meals completely for kids at school, save for a few instances for lunch.

The main argument is that there are better ways to attack childhood obesity — like getting rid of french fries and getting kids to be more active.

Do U think this will solve the problem??

[Image via AP Images.]

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