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Pottermore Is Up & Running! Early Entry Available TODAY!

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Expecto pandemonium!

This morning, the official owl went out to some of the lucky Potter fans who secured their early entry passes into Pottermore, J.K. Rowling's interactive extension to the Harry Potter universe.

The website went live today, with several Potterheads getting to enjoy the whimsical world for the first time ever! Those who have received early access have still have to wait for their Welcome letter via email to have official entry into the site. The idea is to scatter access so the whole thing won't implode before it's even begun!


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Harry Potter Fans! Brace Yourselves!!!

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Pottermore Early Acceptance

If you were one of the lucky ones who signed up early for the magical Pottermore experience, start refreshing your inboxes!

This is the image of the acceptance letters being sent out to the lucky chosen for early admittance to Pottermore.

We know a lot of people have been freaking out about this, wondering if the emails would ever come.

So for those of you who have, we thought you would enjoy knowing there's still hope yet!

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Watch Out, Potterheads! Cybercriminals Are Preying On YOU!

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potter fans being targeted by cybercriminals

Come on, JK Rowling! Can't you cast a Patronus charm against these cybercriminals or something???

Back in June, we got all the deets about the Harry Potter website Pottermore, but we were never warned that it would put our computers AND identities in jeopardy!

Due to

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New Sneak Peek At Pottermore!

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At first glance at this interactive menu, we have a feeling we will never be hearing from any of your Potterheads ever again come this fall. None of you will be leaving your computers!

Via the website's personal Twitter page come this first glimpse at what is in store at Pottermore.com. The pic is a screenshot of the menu you reach when reading Chapter 6 of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone. Apparently, you'll have the choice of looking around Platform 9 3/4 or hopping directly on the Hogwart's express.

Give a careful look at the screenshot and see what other treasures you can spot!!!

Is it October yet?

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JK Rowling Reveals Secret Of Pottermore!!!

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Check out the video (above) of JK Rowling introducing the world to her Harry Potter website Pottermore!

Here's how Pottermore is described on the newly updated website:

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JK Rowling Will Reveal Secret Of "Pottermore" Tomorrow!

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A mystery Pottermore will be nevermore!

Harry Potter mastermind JK Rowling announced that she'll be holding a press conference tomorrow to officially launch her new website, Pottermore. How the website will function for fans remains a mystery. Some speculate that it'll be a Harry Potter encyclopedia. Others theorize that it will include e-book versions of the novels.


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Ready For More Harry? J.K. Rowling Launches Pottermore!

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new jk rowling surprise website

Expecto Patr-AWESOME!

Yesterday, J.K. Rowling launched a new website entitled "Pottermore" (above), and we are all types of curious to learn more!

There's nothing actually on the website yet, aside from the logo and J.K.'s signature…and the words "coming soon."

The website launched following a "Secret Street View" challenge, in which "10 Harry Potter-themed websites were given coordinates - each of which pertained to a different letter in "Pottermore.'" Once pieced together, the new Potter website's URL was revealed.

So far, the only word we've got on Pottermore comes from Potter site HPANA.com, who have referred to a sneak preview of the website as "breathtaking in scope, detail and sheer beauty."

We would LOVE to get a glimpse at this site. We're SO intrigued!!!

What do U think Pottermore will be?

[Image via Pottermore.]

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