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Kate Gosselin Talks Potty Training Time!

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After eight children, Kate Gosselin knows at least eight things about raising the little buggers.

And one of the big steps in raising a child is teaching them how to use a toilet!

Here's what she wrote on the subject in her blog:

"So many of you over the years have asked me about potty training — and since it's a topic that all moms, at some point, find themselves reading, listening, and asking a lot about, I thought I'd walk you through my experiences on the subject. It's definitely nerve wracking for everyone and can be very frustrating if you're not prepared and aren't in the right mind set."

How does one get in the right mind set?

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Alicia Keys' Son Gets His Dance On

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Thank goodness for Twitter! How else would we know about all the little cute things celebrities' babies are doing?!

Alicia Keys' little son Egypt cut a rug recently and mama was there to capture it all.

He was shaking his booty and throwing his arms around, dancing it up!

Although maybe it was a "potty dance" because she did reveal he was recently potty trained.

Either way, we like his moves, maybe he's got a career in the entertainment industry, just like his mama!

Work it, little dude!

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[Image via Alicia Keys.]

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Alicia Keys' Son Officially Potty Trained!!


Alicia Keys has successfully potty trained her son Egypt and she had some insightful words to say about the experience.

Here's what she said:

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Panda Plays Prank On His Passed Out Pal

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That's so gross, but so amazing someone had a camera on it.

Check out the above video to see a panda play a prank on his sleeping buddy.

We recommend you DO NOT try this at home. LOLz!

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Potty Habits In Men And Women

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Potty Habits In Men And Women

Here’s something interesting that you’ve probably never even thought about!!

In preparation for a launch of a new variety of toilet paper, Quilted Northern conducted a study on the bathroom habits of men and women, and, as it turns out, there are some differences:

– 33% of women use toilet paper by making a “snowball,” while 33% of men fold toilet paper into a square
– 62% of men wipe off the seat in a public restroom with toilet paper before sitting, significantly more than women (49%)
– 80% of women say they have the best hygiene vs. 58% of men
– 42% of men have used the term “drop a deuce” with friends, compared to a mere 7% of women

LOL! These are hilarious!

[Image via AP Images.]

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