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Paula Deen Is Getting Basted With Juicy Questions This Week On The Today Show!

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paula den today show appearance matt lauer

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

Paula Deen might have been booted from Food Network's kitchen, but she is ready to feel the heat.

After canceling her Today show appearance last week when her N word controversy started cooking up, the TV chef is preparing to be broiled THIS WEEK on the show!

Matt Lauer has confirmed that the queen of deep fat fried buttery goodness is going to follow through with an appearance scheduled for Wednesday. He said:

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Paula Deen Losing ANOTHER Gig After 'N Word' Admittance Turns Into PR Nightmare?!

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paula deen losing qvc gig over n word

Who's having the worst week ever?

If you guessed Paula Deen then you haven't been under a rock this week!

After already losing her Food Network gig when shizz hit the fan as she admitted to using the 'N word,' now she's at risk of losing more work!

Paula currently sells her cookware on QVC, but she might have hit her expiration date with the network.

A rep for the network has commented on their plans for Paula:

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EXCLUSIVE! Paula Deen In Crisis Mode & Cooking Up A Plan To Clean Up PR Mess With NEW Experts!

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paula deen crisis management working with new experts

Well this is something we're not surprised to hear.

Paula Deen has been slathered in butter a PR nightmare ever since she admitted to using the N word. Seriously, shizz has spiraled out of control faster than an unwatched boiling pot of water!

Sure, she apologized, but then she had to apologize again after that first apology was slammed and she skipped out on an appearance on the Today show. Unfortunately, none of that mattered because the Food Network still cut her loose.

But now, we EXCLUSIVELY hear

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Paula Deen Has Her PR Team To Thank For Food Network Chopping?!

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paula deen pr team got her fired

There IS such a thing as bad PR!

And Paula Deen definitely had some bad PR this week as it came out that she used the N word in the past, which snowballed into well, one helluva spicy meatball!

It seems Paula actually has her PR team to thank for getting the boot from the Food Network because it was apparently everything after the N word usage that led to her dismissal.

The Food Network reportedly felt like her attempt at apologizing and skipping out on the Today show warranted them pulling the plug on the queen of butter.

Now that is one sticky sitch!

We can only wonder if her PR team will be getting fried fired next!

[Image via Mr Blue/WENN.]

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Restaurant Owners Create Fake Fan Pages After Appearing On Kitchen Nightmares!

owners of restaurant make a fake fan page after being on kitchen nightmares

Restaurant owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo have been getting a TON of publicity ever since Amy's Baking Company made an appearance on Kitchen Nightmares, but it's probably not the press they were hoping for!

When Gordon Ramsay swung by the small time eatery in Scottsdale, Arizona, he had such a hard time working with the owners that he WALKED OUT on them and completely refused to help out!

Well the episode eventually aired and websites like Facebook, Yelp, and Reddit ERUPTED with posts on the owners' erratic behavior, and Samy and Amy only made things worse when they responded to commenters with threats and ugly words that aren't exactly appropriate for virgin eyes!

Luckily, the two have found a few fans out there when

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