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Jessica Simpson! Is That A Baby Bump???

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Don't you lie to us!!!

Her ex might have beaten her back down the aisle, but maybe Jessica Simpson will be the first one to have a baby.

Jess was spotted in Brentwood Friday, looking fabulous in that gold mini, getting picked up by her baby dadd fiance Eric Johnson from a photo shoot.

You all see it, right? We're not crazy! Maybe it's the angle or the dress or a ham she swiped from craft services. But that sure as hell looks like a bump to us!

Answers, Jessica! We want some answers!

[Image via Limelight Photos.]

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…And The Next Teen Mom Will NOT Be Rebecca Black!

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rebecca black not preggers

Come on, guys! She's still concerned about car seat choices…CLEARLY she's not ready for a baby!

After rumors started up this weekend that Rebecca Black was preggers, the Friday singer took to Twitter and had the following to say:

"I thought it was May 15th … not April Fools' Day. I'm absolutely NOT pregnant"

We're glad to hear it, Rebecca!

Keep up with the music, and keep having innocent, wholesome fun on Fridays! Don't let ANYONE tell you differently! Ha!

Did U actually think Rebecca Black was pregnant?

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[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Hiding Something, Lily?


Lily Allen is sure to spark pregnancy rumors after last night.

The engaged singer played hostess at launch of Esquire's June issue wearing a loose-fitting shift dress that did a great job of hiding any kind of bump.

Or maybe she was just having a fat day and wanted to be comfortable.

[Image via WENN.]

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ScarJo, Are You Pregnant???


Yeah, those rumors are going to start up again in 3…2…1…

Yesterday, shortly after her reps confirmed that she is NOT with child, Scarlett Johansson was spotted coming out of a grocery store on her way back to Sean Penn's place in Malibu, sporting a fairly loose-fitting shirt that kind of looks like she's got a bit of baby bump.

Honey, you need to get a stylist ASAP. Your wardrobe is just too suggestive! HA!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Relax! ScarJo Isn't Preggers!

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She just had a big lunch.

Yesterday, photos surfaced of Scarlett Johansson taking a run with her new BF, Sean Penn, in Malibu over the weekend and peeps became suspicious that she might have one in the oven. To be fair, we've seen the pics and it DOES look like a bump could be on the rise.

However, her rep came forward today to deny the rumors, stating that Scarlett is "not pregnant" and that the placement of her shirt is to blame for the "misleading" bump. The rep added:

"She's been training for The Avengers for over four months and is in the best shape of her life."

Well, that's good to hear. A baby would be nice, but it would also put her at real risk of losing that coveted role in the Avengers flick. Plus, it is WAY too early for her to start thinking about having babies with Sean, if ever really. True, we do like them together, but we still don't think it will last.

How about U?

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Kardashians Komment On Khloe's Pregnancy Rumors

kardashians komment on khloe pregnancy rumors

Looks like Khloe's sisters do NOT think she is pregnant or they're covering it up really well.

Here's what Kourtney Kardashian had to say about the pregnancy rumors:

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Jessica Squashes Pregnancy Rumors - By Drinking Tequila!


We stand corrected (hopefully)!

Despite speculation that Jessica Simpson is pregnant, a source has come forward to reveal that as of her performance Tuesday at the Rockefeller center, she most likely ISN'T - because she was taking shots of tequila with her father, Poppa Joe, and her betrothed, Eric Johnson!

The insider reveals:

"They were very well-mannered and drank basil lime gimlets, pineapple 75's, Maker's on the rocks, margaritas and wine. They ordered a lot of food. Jessica let her guard down enough to steal a few kisses from her fiancé in front of papa Joe. Jessica, Eric and the crew settled on shots of Don Julio to finish out the evening."

Hmm…maybe she IS pregnant and she just doesn't know it yet!

LOLz! We kid!

Honestly, who knows at this point? We doubt she'd be foolish enough to drink if she were!


[Image via WENN.]

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