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Ewan McGregor On Next Star Wars: 'If Y'all Want Me, I'll Be Yer Obi-Wan Again'

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Okay, okay, maybe he didn't say it like that, but he DID say it! LOLz!

It's true! Ewan McGregor has shared that he would absolutely come back as Obi-Wan for Star Wars: Episode 7 if they asked him to! Honestly, he was the least awful part of the prequels, so we wouldn't be against this. Plus, we know he's one hell of an actor when given the right material!

When asked if he would reprise the role, he revealed:

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Oz: The Great And Powerful Trailer Sucks Us In! WATCH HERE!

We are beyond excited for the upcoming Wizard of Oz prequel, but we've only seen sporadic, brief visuals thus far…

Until now!

Ch-ch-check out the first full length trailer for Disney & Sam Raimi's SUPER stylized CGI behemoth, Oz: The Great and Powerful starring James Franco (above)!

Hopefully James cans stay awake during this one… HA!

We're itching like a flea-ridden dog to know WHO the elusive wicked witch is, and we're pretty certain one of the three witches featured (Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams) becomes the emerald-skinned cacklin' queen…

And wouldn't it be quite the twist if they turned the lady who you'd think would obviously become Glinda the Good (Michelle) into the Wicked Witch of the West?!!?

We called it here first! HA!

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The Wicked Witch Looks Wicked In New Oz Image!!



Oz The Great and Powerful can't really get here fast enough…

We mean, a story about how The Wizard of Oz came to Oz? The mystery of the Wicked Witch mixed with visuals like in the brand new image (above)?

How can anyone contain ANY of their excitement??


If for some reason you've been living under a rock and have no idea what this sprawling epic is about, don't worry, we got you:

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Stephen Colbert's Hobbit Sized Cameo!


What could possibly make one of the most anticipated prequels of all time even MORE splendiferous?!


Yep, Stephen Colbert has hinted that he MAY appear in Peter Jackson's forthcoming trilogy based on the iconic novel by J.R.R. Tolkien!

While he won't be in the first film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012), he might appear in either Desolation of Smaug (2013) or There and Back Again (2014)!

During a recent interview, Stephen revealed:

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Avatar 4: Blueballz Origin? James Cameron 4th Film Will Be A Prequel!

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james-cameron-avatar-sequels-prequel-sigourney-weaver avatar 4

When you wrote and directed the two highest grossing films ever made, it's a safe bet your studio will greenlight a sequel or three!!

Titanic wrapped up neatly after Rose finally allowed her heart to go on, so we understand why James Cameron is so focused on sequels for Avatar!

The mastermind behind the brilliant movie recently revealed his intentions to make three more film on Pandora, including one prequel.

As the first three films will tell an entire story, he is forced to go a new direction for Avatar 4.

James admitted:

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Channing Tatum Teases With Magic Mike 2 Deets!

Channing Tatum Magic Mike 2 Details

With both a Broadway musical and a sequel in the works, Magic Mike isn’t going ANYWHERE anytime soon!

While we already know Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey are down for stripping on the silver screen for a second time, Tatum revealed some NEW deets for the film’s plans!

Being the AH-Mazing tease that he is, Channing revealed:

"We really want to [make it].”


Supposedly, Mr. Tatum is down for directing

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The First Trailer For Dorothy Of Oz Has Arrived! And It Even Has Lea Michele SINGING!


We had been so blown away by James Franco and Mila Kunis in the preview for Oz: The Great and Powerful that we had totally FORGOTTEN that there is ANOTHER Wizard spin-off in the works and on its way!

But after this, it won't be slipping our mind anytime soon!

Ch-ch-check out the just-released teaser trailer for the upcoming Dorothy of Oz, which features the voice of Lea Michele in the title role as she returns to the magical land to help old and new friends, two of whom voiced by Megan Hilty and Kelsey Grammer (above)!

Looks like it has some REALLY cool imagery…that will be even BETTER in 3D!

Of course, the minute a Princess Lea-performed song began playing over the footage, we were already SOLD!

So this one is DEFINITELY not to be missed!

What do U think? Do U want to see Dorothy of Oz?

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