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Poor Plan B Policy Is Angering Students At New Jersey's Ramapo College

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Plan B

And anyone else who thinks the emergency contraceptives should be readily available to anyone meeting the age requirements.

Plan B, otherwise known as "the morning-after pill", is causing controversy with female students at New Jersey's Ramapo College where it is more difficult than it needs to be for them to get their hands on it.

Female students not only have to make an appointment with Health Services to get the over-the-counter contraceptive, but they have to give unnecessary details about their sex lives and even sit through a lecture about safe sex as if 18 is no longer the legal age for adulthood.

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Government Vetoes FDA's Recommendation For Over-The-Counter Morning-After Pill

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Plan B one step

Despite the Food and Drug Administrations recommendation to allow "the morning-after pill" to become an over-the-counter drug without age restrictions, the Obama administration has said it will remain a prescription for anyone 16 and under, while 17-year-olds must ask a pharmacist for it.

After reviewing data and research on the subject matter for ten months, FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said:

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MJ's Fingerprints M.I.A. From Propofol Bottle, Despite Dr. Murray's Claims That He Gave Himself The Lethal Dose!


We wonder how he's going to try and explain this one!

The involuntarily manslaughter trial for Dr. Conrad Murray is finally well underway, and despite his lawyers alleging that when the cardiologist left Michael Jackson briefly on the day he died, it was the pop icon himself who gave himself the fatal dosage of Propofol, a source close to the case has revealed that the Los Angeles police department found NO proof of such, as his fingerprints were no where to be found on the prescription bottles!

The insider explains:

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Hydrocodone Abuse On Ridiculous Rise

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Vicodin pills

Seriously! This is NOT good!

Health agencies are warning the public about an alarming rise in the abuse of medicines containing the narcotic hydrocodene like Vicodin, Norco, and Lortab.

How alarming? Police seizures of hydrocodone pills rose from 13,659 in 2001 to 44,815 in 2010!

Even SCARIER is that 8% of the nation's 12th-graders have abused hydrocodone in the last year!

Talk to your kids about prescription drug abuse and keep any prescriptions LOCKED away.

There are few figures on the national death toll of the drug, but one study showed that hydrocodone caused 910 deaths in Florida ALONE between 2003 and 2007!

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Brooke Mueller Wasn't Smoking Crack, It Was Just Pot

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Mueller Says It Was Just Pot, Guys

No need to worry, guys. No need to send Family Services, no need to panic, Brooke says (to friends, apparently)!

It was pot, not crack! And it was totally legal because she has a prescription card for anxiety!

She swears she hasn't been on crack for some time, only cocaine every once in a while:

Brooke is saying she doesn't use the pipe to smoke cocaine — she claims it was only pot and it's perfectly legal, because she has a marijuana prescription for anxiety. But Mueller admits she's been on and off cocaine, telling friends, every few months she falls off the wagon and uses cocaine — not crack — but she also insists she hasn't been using for months.

Brooke says when she binges it usually lasts only around 12 hours, and then she snaps back into reality — sometimes with the help of a little rehab.

Pot, cocaine relapses… still doesn't sound like the kind of an environment that kids should be growing up around. Plus she's just telling this to friends, and who wouldn't be making up excuses if people thought Family Services should knock on your door??

We might be inclined to believe it was pot, but we're also rooting for some drug testing.

How do U think this should be handled??

[Image via WENN.]

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Brazilian Woman Wins Right To Masturbate At Work!

Ana Catarian Bezerra, a 36-year-old Brazilian accountant who suffers from a chemical imbalance that triggers severe anxiety and hypersexuality, has won the right to masturbate and watch porn at work!

Since she knew the only way to cure her anxiety was to masturbate, she knew she needed help, explaining:

"I got so bad I would to masturbate up to forty seven-times a day. That's when I asked for help, I knew it wasn't normal."

After getting some medical attention and a prescription "cocktail" of tranquilizers, NOW she only masturbates a few eight times a day. Still A LOT of masturbation, but A LOT LESS than before.

Due to her orgasmic medical condition, she took her employer to court in order to be allowed to masturbate on the clock and WON.

Handicapped people needed ramps and Ana needed pornography. It's a little shocking to address, but everybody has their own special needs and we're glad this woman was able to get the help and understanding she needed to live her life.

Unfortunately, this news may encourage people who don't need to be masturbating at work to go ahead and ask for the right to masturbate at work. LOLz!

Taking this woman's medical condition into consideration, do U think the court made the right decision?

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Woman Sues Her Condo Over Dog Rights

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Therapy dog rights

After struggling for years to control a severe anxiety disorder, one Chicago resident said she finally found solace in an adorable prescription: a fluffy toy spaniel named Boo.

Mary Jo Stevens said her "psychiatric service" animal stymies her frequent panic attacks, often as she sleeps, by lying on her when her breathing becomes erratic.

The high-rise has a no-dogs-allowed policy, and a manager says the building has tried to accommodate Stevens' disability by letting her keep Boo.

Stevens said, she is supposed to hold him in a carrier in the lobby and laundry room, and use a service elevator and side doors as she comes and goes.

Stevens and her husband, Ralph, have filed a federal lawsuit, arguing that stowing Boo in a carrier defeats his therapeutic purpose

Her building manager says, "She's not blind."

So the rights of therapy a dog varies with the severity of it's owners disability?

We don't think so.

The residents of Hollywood Towers remain divided over Boo, who is well-known in the building.

[Image via WENN.]

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