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Kim Richards Gets Silly In Hawaii!!

Oooh KIM!!!

You guys… ya gotta watch this clip from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!!!

Kim Richards is just goin' on and on and on… about stuff we're not even sure she's aware of!

It's almost like that time Sarah Jessica Parker had a major case of word vomit on David Letterman!!

Okay, seriously though… this rambling could or could not have been the side effects of the prescription drugs she was taking. Soo.. we're REALLY glad she got some help in the rehab she reportedly entered.

We love her –kookiness and all– wayyy too much for this to go overboard!!

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DEA Investigating Fake DEA Prescription Drug Scam

DEA Logo

The Drug Enforcement Administration is hot on the trail of a group of scammers posing as DEA agents so they can rip off unsuspecting Americans who have purchased prescriptions online.

Impostors call their victims and claim they have been indicted on drug charges for illegally purchasing prescriptions through a website registered in the Dominican Republic.

One such victim was a Hollywood producer who immediately called his lawyer to deal with the charges. One of the "agents" told the lawyer his client could "make the case go away" if he paid a civl penalty.

Fortunately, the lawyer grew suspicious and taped the next phone conversation to hand over to the REAL Drug Enforcement Agency.

It turns out these con artists are using names of actual agents and have already convinced a number of people to send in money in hopes of their "indictment" going away.

Ugh! Such a shame! We hope these guys get caught and get what they deserve!

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Could Amy Winehouse Have Been On Prescription Drugs When She Died?

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was amy winehouse on prescription drugs

We hope this isn't the case, but unfortunately it is possible.

Earlier today, Amy Winehouse's family released a statement about her toxicology report, in which they claimed that there were no illegal substances in Amy's system at the time of her death, but there was alcohol present.

They said that it couldn't yet be determined if alcohol played a role in her death or not.

Now, there's some question as to whether or not Amy had prescription drugs in her system at the time of her death, because there was only mention made of illegal drugs in her family's statement.

When asked about prescription drugs,

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Big Brother Winner Going To Jail For Four Years

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Adam Jasinski, who won Big Brother and used his $500,000 prize to fund a prescription drug ring, has pled guilty to those charges - as well as failure to file a tax return in 2008 - and has been sentenced to four years in federal prison.

Such a ridiculous waste of a prize, when it could have gone to someone who needed it.

This guy deserves everything he's getting.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Michael Lohan Opening Rehab Center

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Michael Lohan announced that he’s moving to California to open a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. He has reportedly recruited daughter Lindsay Lohan to help pick the name — she wants to call it “My Home Away From Home.”

We kid! But seriously, why the hell is he so interested in building a rehab center right now? Is he turning a new leaf and becoming a good and charitable human being? Maybe. Is he hoping that a rehab center would be the perfect setting for a new reality TV show? Absolutely Possibly.

Michael says he wants to make the center very holistic and that he will not tolerate prescription drug use.

"I'm going to have a protocol that will be have to be followed. I don't believe in prescription drugs. If people come in on them they're going to have to get off of them, otherwise they'll be looking for another rehab."

He already has investors and therapists lined up and is in the process of “negotiating the location.”

Well, we wish him the best. It’s hard to hate on someone too much for opening a center that will help people. But so help us if he gets a reality TV show about that rehab center!

[Image via WENN.]

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Lindsanity Right Where She Belongs - In A Neuropsychiatric Hospital!

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You thought our LiLo was just in rehab for hitting the Clinique coupons too hard!

Nah! Girlfriend has ISSUES so the state put her in UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Hospital as part of her 90-day rehab stay, to help treat her psychiatric problems as well as her substance abuse ones.

There were rumors going around that because she is being treated for both problems, her doctors are attempting to wean her off Adderall.

But Miz Shawn Chapman Holley put a stop to all the lying by telling sources:

"The medical professionals at the treatment program are taking a fresh look at Lindsay Lohan and will evaluate which if any prescription drugs are appropriate or not. Under no circumstance is she being weaned off Adderall."

Uh-huh. Does that mean no more Ambien for our presh LiLo either???

If so, we'd hate to be her roommate!

As long as she is getting the help that she so gravely needs, we guess it's all for the best!

[Image via WENN.]

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Was Anna Nicole Smith Part Of A Conspiracy To Get Drugs?


Howard K. Stern, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich are currently on trial, facing drug conspiracy charges, in which they are being accused of over-prescribing and obtaining massive amounts of prescription drugs.

And now a prosecutor claims that Anna Nicole Smith was a co-conspirator.

"I think it's obvious she was part of the conspiracy because she wanted this medication," Deputy District Attorney Renee Rose said during a pretrial hearing. She adds, "There's no reason for a doctor to overprescribe if she is not asking for it."

She also refers to the emails that were found after Anna's death that showed Anna writing Stern's sister, Bonnie Stern, asking for medication to be delivered to the Bahamas.

Stern, Kapoor, and Eroshevich are of course, pleading Not Guilty. Their defense lawyers are denying all claims, arguing that Anna was an addict and that they tried to desperately save her over the years.

What do U think?

[Image via WENN.]

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