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Gerard Butler Has Been In Rehab For Weeks!! That Sneaky Fox!!!

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gerard butler rehab


What went wrong, handsome??? As soon as we heard, we sat up straight with concern!!

Apparently Gerard Butler signed himself up for a nice vacay treatment getaway at the Betty Ford Center three weeks ago!!

Poor thing hurt himself so bad during the filming that he needed pain meds to soothe the aches!! But

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Two Young Lesbians Commit Suicide In Canada.

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This is just too tragic.

The bodies of two young lesbians have been found, after they left their families good-bye phonecalls and went missing about a week ago. It's believed that they purposely overdosed on prescription pills.

Jeanine Blanchette, 21, and Chantal Dube, 17, had been together since February, and although Jeanine's mother Ellen claims that her daughter's sexuality had nothing to do with her death, that she'd been suffering from mental health problems since she was 15.

Ellen is now upset with authorities, whom she believes did not take the investigation seriously, DESPITE finding her daughter's computer with a wiped memory and receipts for hundreds of antipsychotic prescriptions.

She explains:

“I thought they were on top of it. We put complete faith in the police, and that failed. They shook it off like it was an attention-grabber. I wanted them to get moving. I knew if they took the pills they only had umpteen hours to get pumped.”

In a bizarre twist, Ellen, who was frustrated with the police investigation, contacted psychic Sandra Mae Shaw, who located the girls's whereabouts.

She explains:

“I just got this vision in my head of two girls in a field laying beside each other. Of course, it’s very difficult. You don’t want to tell them that their loved one is gone. I said to (Ellen), you just tell police to look in the field close to her home. She’s there. I know she is.”

Their bodies were uncovered in a wooded clearing, near the building that the two women had met in a group-therapy session.

This is so unbelievably tragic. It sounds like both these young women suffered quite a bit from depression, and it breaks our heart that despite their best efforts, they couldn't find the strength in themselves or each other to hold on.

Our thoughts go out to the families and loves ones of both young women. Absolutely devastating.

And to all the young men and women out there who feel sad, confused, and alone - please talk to someone. No matter how hard it gets, things CAN and WILL get better.

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Michael Lohan Wants Lilo Out Of Betty Ford

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Michael Lohan be famewhorin’ all over the place. Now he’s saying that Lilo shouldn’t be at Betty Ford and should be in family therapy. And maybe that’s true, but we don’t trust anything you say, Michael.

"Look at the 'short' list of people who went to Betty Ford — most, if not all, have relapsed," said Michael. "I went there myself, and I will tell you, Betty Ford is a country club. They administer prescription meds and even put their patients on prescription meds. Once more, they don't have family therapy at all."

"The root of her problems is her family," he added. "This will not work — mark my words!"

Whatever. Even if Betty Ford isn’t the right place for Lindsay, we’re certain pretty sure she shouldn't be with you!

[Image via WENN.]

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Michael Jackson Doctors Escape Charges!


Seven doctors who had treated the late Michael Jackson will not face charges, unlike Dr. Conrad Murray who was charged with involuntary manslaughter in February.

Investigators decided not to bring charges against the other doctors even though one of the doctors was referred to the state medical board for prescribing meds to one of Jackson's aliases.

Lucky break!

[Image via WENN.]

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Rachel Uchitel Making Up Addiction?!

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We wouldn't be surprised!

Although she is the newest addition to Celebrity Rehab, it seems Rachel Uchitel is missing something important, eh, like an addiction.

A few days ago, she was telling people in private that she did not have an addiction to prescription medication, but now she is touting that she's a "pill popper."

Guess she'll do anything for some $$$$$!

[Image via WENN.]

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Michael Lohan Believes Lindsanity Is Lying About Quitting Meds

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Even though it's rumored that Lindsay Lohan is quitting several of her prescription medications, Michael Lohan doesn't buy it.

“If it’s true, I couldn’t be happier. But I have no doubt that this is just another lie, spewing from Dina’s mouth," said Michael.

We usually don't agree with him, but she should be consulting with a doctor if it is true.

He continued:

“You can’t just stop taking those medications. You have to be weaned off with a doctor’s supervision. The amount of meds she’s been on and the amount of time she’s been on them… she would definitely need medical supervision. So no, I don’t think she has stopped.”

We wonder what LiLo would be like if she was sober!

[Image via WENN.]


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LiLo Allowed Five Different Kinds Of Prescription Drugs While In Prison!

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At the risk of sounding like Michael Lohan, what good will this do her???

Sources have reviewed Lindsay Lohan's probation officer's report and there are FIVE listed prescription drugs that Lindsay is allowed to take while she is in prison.

And the mixture is apparently TOXIC!

According to the report, Lindsay is allowed to take two different antidepressants, Zoloft and Trazodone, Nexium for acid reflux, Adderall and Dilaudid, an extreme painkiller!

WTF?! She had her wisdom teeth out like 3 months ago! She no longer needs that shiz!

It's like you are setting this girl up to harm herself!

Someone more credible than her father needs to step in on this one! This does not sound right!

[Image via AP Images.]

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