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U.S. Government Will FINALLY Reopen! House Republicans Caved & The #Shutdown Is OVER!

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federal government reopens congress ends shutdown president expected to sign bill


Minutes ago the U.S. Congress finally passed a bill which will end the government shutdown!!!

U.S. Senators passed the bill, House Speaker John Boehner finally allowed a vote in the House, it passed, & now all President Barack Obama has to do is sign it!

(He already said he would as soon as it hits his desk!)

This means the U.S. Government will re-open immediately and the debt ceiling is suspended until at least mid-January!

Woo hoo! Congress is finally paying it's bills!!

Furloughed employees can return to work!

Sad little boys will no longer be barred from experiencing the miracle that is panda!

NASA engineers will go back to performing secret alien autopsies at Area 51 staring at Uranus, LOLz!!

Now, here's the bad news…

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Justin Timberlake Thinks President Obama Is "The Coolest Guy" He's Ever Met!


We know #ManCrushMonday was yesterday, but Justin Timberlake's got it bad for President Obama 24/7! Ha!

The Suit & Tie singer stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday, to chat about performing at the White House last May and meeting POTUS himself — which only further developed his unrequited love for the Prezzy!

Justin gushed:

"Man, he's the coolest guy I ever met. Let me just say that. We rehearsed and he had some meeting out of state, and he showed up on the Air Force One helicopter and I felt weird, I'm like in his house—this is where he lives—and he's not there, and—I didn't steal anything, I just wanna say that—but he shows up and the helicopter lands and the thing rolls out and he's just like [mimics strut]."

After performing Mr. Obama's walk for Jay, the former *NSYNCer went on to reveal:

"The camera operators, the producers, everybody who was rehearsing, we all stopped to watch President Obama and he struts off the thing and it was like dead silent, and I looked at everybody and I said, 'Daddy's home.'"


The leader of the free world and Sexy Back are a bromantic match made in bestie heaven!

This friendship needs to officially happen ASAP!

Ch-ch-check out JT explaining the HIGHlarious presidential moment…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Justin Timberlake might have a man crush on President Obama!Justin Timberlake might have a man crush on President Obama!Justin Timberlake might have a man crush on President Obama!Justin Timberlake might have a man crush on President Obama!Justin Timberlake might have a man crush on President Obama!

Michelle Obama's Bangin' G8 Summit Appearance Incites Major Twitter Backlash!

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Michelle Obama's wispy bangs get called out on Twitter!
Michelle Obama's wispy bangs get called out on Twitter!

We bet Michelle Obama will never get bangs again.

The seemingly innocent hair change has been making tidal waves since its debut back in January, with everyone from Karl Lagerfeld proclaiming his distaste to President Obama himself making some lighthearted cracks about it during the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Now that FLOTUS is going through the frustrating process of growing them out, she's getting backlash from a bunch of citizens on Twitter!

During an appearance at the G8 Summit in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Monday, her bangs

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Michelle Obama's wispy bangs get called out on Twitter!Michelle Obama's wispy bangs get called out on Twitter!Michelle Obama's wispy bangs get called out on Twitter!

President Obama Says Fatherhood Is His “Best Job!” Awww!

obama dad best job

President Obama may be the busiest man in the United States, BUT he still makes time for his favorite job of them all…being a daddy!

Isn't he the cutest?!

Mr. Prezzy welcomed a group of dads to the White House before Father's Day to talk about the importance of family, explaining to the men:

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Dennis Rodman Slams President Obama, Still Thinks He's Qualified To Deal With North Korea

dennis rodman president obama north korea free jailed man kim jong un attempt ambassador diplomat

Cut it out, Dennis Rodman!

How many times do we have to say this? He has NO BUSINESS in foreign affairs, especially with one of the most volatile nations on the planet!

We already told you guys that Dennis plans on going back to North Korea on August 1 to reopen the political dialogue with Kim Jong-Un. Why? Because he feels like the President of the United States "can't do sh*t" when it comes to finding peace with North Korea.

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One Direction Hires President Obama's Former Bodyguards For North American Tour Protection!

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one direction president obama security

One Direction will only accept the best of the best.

The British boy band has hired President Obama’s former secret service agents to protect them on the North American leg of their Take Me Home tour!

An insider revealed:

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Obamas Talk To NBA's Jason Collins And Are Impressed By His Courage To Come Out!

president obama barack michelle jason collins nba coming out gay support

Jason Collins knew that coming out as an active gay member of the NBA would be a huge deal. We're just not so sure he was expecting a phone call from the President himself!

It's true!

Not only did Jason get a tweet from the First Lady, but he also got a phone call from President Obama! The Prez said he was 'impressed by his courage' and offered him his support in his big decision to go public! Now if only Obama would do something about the whole gay marriage thing…

Anyway, here's what Michelle said:

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