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Quote Of The Day


"We talked him out of running for president. Wasn't that good enough?"

- NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt, on the network's perspective regarding Donald Trump's controversial comments about President Obama throughout the 2012 Election, during the NBC 2013 Press Tour

[Image via WENN.]

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Chuck Norris Warns That Obama Re-Election Will Bring On The Apocalypse

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Bad news everyone!

Americans are THISCLOSE to causing the destruction of the entire planet… according to Chuck Norris and his wife!

The strongest man in the world shot a PSA with one simple message: a vote for Obama is a vote for change sentencing our children "to take the first step into 1,000 years of darkness."

Yikes! Well then, guess we HAVE to vote for Mitt! LOLz!

Pressss Plaaaay to heed his dire waring (above)!

It's about the most enlightening thing we've seen since Clint Eastwood's incredible empty chair speech!

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Condoleezza Rice's Support Of Abortions & Gay Marriage Cost Her The Republican VP Nomination

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We are extremely disappointed by former Governor Mitt Romney regarding his selection for Vice President, as new evidence suggests Condoleezza Rice's tolerance cost her a spot on the ticket.

According to her friends, she was a definite finalist and her penchant for equality worked against her.

One source admitted:

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Clint Eastwood Delivers Weirdest, Most Awkward Political Speech Ever

Is this a trailer for the new Clint Eastwood film?

A light-hearted buddy cop movies where a surly, rambling old man and his invisible friend with a penchant for obscenities overcome the odds to team up and tickle America's funny bone?

No. It very assuredly is not.

What looks like a botched stand-up routine mauled by a tiger and ran-over by a bus was actually Clint's critically important primetime speech at last night's Republican National Convention!

Ch-ch-check out the beloved actor standing in front of millions (above), speaking in half-sentences and incoherently

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Roseanne Barr Narrowly Misses Green Party Veep Nomination!

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Roseanne Green Party Nuts Nomination Missed

Well America's days of not taking third-parties seriously are certainly coming to a middle!

Look, we all know a Green Party nominee won't win a national election any time soon. The deck is too stacked against third-parties right now!

That's why we can't understand why party organizers and supporters wouldn't give Roseanne the VP nod!!

Is she qualified to actually BE the Vice President of the United States?

No. Only in comparison to Sarah Palin… but who cares because she was never going to win!!

She was supposed to

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Bruce Willis Says Mitt Romney Is An Embarrassing, Wannabe Obama

Bruce Willis On The Set Of A Good Day To Die Hard

Oooh! Some pulpy friction!

In an intriguing interview with Esquire, Bruce Willis vocalized his disdain for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney:

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Mitt Romney Called A Racist 14 Times During Press Conference

With pipes like those she’ll never need a plumber!!

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney answered a question today about Perezident Obama’s 2011 smack down of Osama bin Laden when an unknown nutter woman in the audience began to yell:

“Mitt Romney, you’re a racist!”

She said it once. She said it twice. She said it AGAIN!

Romney and wingman Rudy Giuliani tried to

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