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Bethenny Frankel's Show Staff Isn't Safe From Her Wrath After Leaked Stories Make Her Look Bad?!

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bethenny frankel upset at staff over leaked stories

Don't they remember that she has Real Housewives training??

We wouldn't want to meet the wrath of any of those ladiez after seeing how they can throw down at a dinner party!

But it seems Bethenny Frankel's talk show staff isn't safe from having a glass of Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio tossed on them because of some bad press she's been getting.

After stories came out about her talk show struggling with ratings and her failed attempt at getting her former fellow Housewives on her show, Bethenny wasn't having it as an insider revealed:

"Bethenny was seeing red and accused her staff of leaking the stories to the press. It’s not a very happy place to work these days. After all of the hard work Bethenny’s staff has done to make the show a hit, she accuses them of going this route. These are very respected professionals that have worked in the business a very long time, unlike Bethenny. She has vowed to find out who the leak is, and has even threatened legal action if she can prove one of her people betrayed her and went public."

We really think the Skinnygirl queen should just take away their margarita privileges.

That'll convince anyone to shut their yapper! LOLz!

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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Bethenny FrankelBethenny FrankelBethenny FrankelBethenny FrankelBethenny Frankel

Whitney Houston's Mother Cissy Writes An Open Apology Letter To Bobbi Kristina!

cissy houston writes an apology letter to her ganddaughter bobbi kristina

Last time Whitney Houston's mom Cissy put a pen to paper, things got a little heated between family members!

But now it looks like she's trying to extend the olive branch and mend her broken relationship with Bobbi Kristina!

Well, sort of.

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Zach Galifianakis Is Afraid Of Heights!

zach galifianakis afraid heights fear press cancel rio

And that's JUST FINE!

A lot of people are afraid of heights. We're sure they all wish they weren't, and we wish they could conquer it too — but it's one of those fears that people can live with pretty easily. It's just a bummer when it interferes with life and duties!

Take Zach Galifianakis, for instance: he had to miss the Sugarloaf Mountain Press Conference because he can't do heights!

The event was scheduled for Hangover III press

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Beyoncé Gets Backlash Over Photo Blackout, Press Sends Ill-Tempered Letter Queen Bey's Way!

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beyonce knowles photos concert ban npaa letter condemnation first amendment

Angry photographers have a bone to pick with Queen Bey, and we aren't referring to slighted paparazzi!!

Beyoncé recently denied all photographers press passes for the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour because she doesn't want them taking pics of her at the concerts.

The singer's public relations team instead insists that press use pre-authorized pics of the her in their publications!

Of course, journalists are protective of their First Amendment rights so now they're pissed off!

The National Press Photographer's Association, backed by heavyweight papers like the L.A. Times the New York Daily News, wrote an angry letter to the masterful musician's PR team saying as much!

They believe Bey is only hurting her image by

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nppa letter to beyonce

Justin Bieber Apologizes For Making Fun Of Lindsay Lohan's Money Woes!

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justin bieber apologizes to lindsay lohan

Someone's experiencing a case of Insta-remorse!

Earlier today, a seemingly stressed-out Justin Bieber took to Instagram to unload a TON of sh*t that's obviously been eating away at his Bieber brain…

But Justin curiously concluded his instarant by joking about Lindsay Lohan's tax troubles.

NOW Da Beebz has come forward to apologize for his Lindsay diss, and has REMOVED the salacious words from his initial posting!

Justin even went so far as to publicly apologize for his Lohan comment, expressing:

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One Direction Tweet Bro Support At Justin Bieber!

one direction zayn malik louis tomlinson justin bieber twitter


Justin Bieber may be currently dealing with a nasty radio DEATH-prediction pool, but at least he has the power of One Direction on his side!

Two members of the beloved boyband have come to the Twitter defense of their fellow pop idol after his VERY stressful week in London Town.

Louis Tomlinson recently tweeted:

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One Direction tweet support at Justin BieberOne Direction tweet support at Justin BieberOne Direction tweet support at Justin BieberOne Direction tweet support at Justin BieberOne Direction tweet support at Justin BieberOne Direction tweet support at Justin Bieber

Alec Baldwin Pestered By The Press Following SHOCKING Altercation With Post Peeps!

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alec baldwin annoyed by press

Poor Alec Baldwin!

Ever since he lost his cool with a reporter and allegedly threatened him and used hate speech, he can't get a moment of privacy!

It's almost like some reporters are hoping he'll slip up for real this time!

Ch-ch-check out the pics (below) to see how closely they hound him when he is clearly not in a talking mood!

We know after being vindicated by the audio recording, the 30 Rock star probably wants to yell, "In your face, jerks!"

But of course that kid of temper loss is what caused this whole mess in the first place!

Oh well! Hang in there, Alec! And whatever you do, stay cool!

[Image via WENN.]

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