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Thirsty Monkey Hits Vending Machine

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Wow, this is one cute monkey!!

He was just hanging out near a vending machine, chillin' in his adorbz diaper, when he started to get thirsty.

Luckily, his owner was there to give him some change so he could buy a drink.

Yup, this monkey knows how to operate a vending machine! Watch as he puts in the money and picks a juice!

Whoa! Calm down little guy! Doesn't he know you only have to push the button once? LOLz!

This monkey really wants his juice!!

Check out the video (above) to see a cute primate use a vending machine!

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Khloe Kardashian Monkeys Around With Tiny Primate

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Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian was doing her standard thing, living her life in a way that most people can only dream of.

While partying it up, Kardashian style, things got a little crazy…

You know you party hard when you end up with a live monkey riding around on top of your head!!

Khloe instagrammed a pic (above) and wrote:

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SEVEN Baby Mouse Lemurs Try To Squirm Free For Hugs At Duke!

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SO CUTEz!!! We can't handle this cuteness!!!

The Duke Lemur Center welcome SEVEN mouse lemur babes from four mothers.

That's alotta babymaking!

This pint size cuddle monsters are only 1/8 of a pound as adults, making them one of the smallest primates in the world.

Watch (above) as Dogbane and triplets Bluebell, Blackberry, and Pipkin say hello.

And Pipkin is REALLY friendly!!! LOLz!

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Parrots Name Their Babies

Filed under: Science!Parrot

Parrots Name Their Babies

Don't call me Polly, bitch!!

According to researchers at Cornell University, parrots are named by their parents — and not their pirate.

Scientists had already observed dolphins, crows, primates and parrots have unique calls when they want the attention of specific members of their groups. But they wanted to know how our animal friends got their names. Do they name themselves? Are they named after a defining characteristic (like Joe form work with the big ass you call bigass Joe)??

After careful observations the Cornellians figured out it's the proud parrot parents who gave each chick its name.

Much like a human, the adult parrot will choose a name for its young soon after it's born. Each parrot, though, may tweak its own signature call as it grows older, elongating a whistle here or shortening a chirp there, essentially giving itself a nickname.

It makes sense, they are the only English speaking animal. LOL.

[Image via cracked.com]

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James Franco Prefers Actors To Apes

Filed under: James FrancoApe


We'd like to apologize to our Chimp and Gorilla readers. We do not share the same point of view as our pal James.

Franco told Jimmy Kimmel that while making latest flick Planet of the Apes he never worked with actual creatures. An actor wearing "a grey pajama-like thing with wires" played his Ape friend Caesar.

James said it was better than his last primate picture, Ape, cause he worked with live animals that had the habit of slinging poop at him!


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Rev Run Meets A Cheetah And A Gangsta Monkey

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Rev Run Meets A Cheetah And A Gangsta Monkey

Perez isn't the only one visiting the zoo this summer!

Run's House star Reverend Run Simmons left his mansion to visit the Cheetah Run at Busch Gardens in Tampa, last week.

Simmons and his family spent time gazing at the amazingly fast felines who were cooling down with frozen treats at their new habitat, which opened this spring.

Later, the family's littlest members had fun meeting Sesame Street characters while the Reverend's son, Russy, and his pal Brandon Boles, took on the fierce new triple launch rollercoaster, Cheetah Hunt.

The purdy kitties weren't the only animals the Rev got up close and personal with.

"Gangsta monkey," he Tweeted with a photo of one very laid back primate.

"This animal here is relaxed alllllll the way chillin."

[Image via Matt Marriott/Busch Gardens Tampa Bay]

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This Monkey Might Cure AIDS

Filed under: HealthMonkey

This Monkey Might Cure AIDS


Sooty mangabeys (yep, real name) are a monkey species found on the western coast of central Africa who's unique immunity to SIV, a relative of HIV, has intrigued medical researchers for decades.

Now we know just how their immunity works.

Sooty mangabeys are able to avoid the chain of events that cause the immune system to break down, thanks to a unique type of T cell called a central memory T cell.

These sooty mangabeys might well offer a new way to help cope humans cope with HIV infection and avoid AIDS.

The key will be better understanding the mechanisms of their central memory T cells and figuring out how they avoid activating CCR5, which is the main reason why their immune systems are able to survive these infections essentially intact.

[Image via Yerkes NPRC.]

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